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Aria celebrates the message of Earth Day in crucial style with an exciting yet timely double single release

Calling a socially crucial demand for attention to animal cruelty and treatment of the global environment by humanity with a poignant new double single – ‘The Next Life/The Lady In White’, Italian composer and producer Aria (aka Mariano Schiavolini) has been getting in the spirit for Earth Day, in celebration and in endorsement of the life-changing event that is commemorated on April 22nd, with his latest release furthering his work as an advocate for various animal charities.

Although he may not strike you as a household name at first glimpse, Aria’s legacy has been lucrative and deeply influential to other modern classic contemporary composers. The pioneering pianist was one of the co-founders of the Italian prog-rock band Celeste, which provided a heated start for his rich history in various music cultures. Credited as one of the best artists to bridge the gap between Italian and British music, he is a staple of the Sanremo Music Festival.

He was also the creator of the Italian rock record label Dischi Noi (RCA Distribution) and the creator of Flight Of The Eagle, a multimedia project that combines music and environmental preservation, which has gained over 1.5 million views online since beginning in 2013. His other career highs include his special collaborations with the likes of Kit Woolven (David Bowie, Thin Lizzy), Nick Griffits (Pink Floyd, Roger Walters) and Daniel Boone (The Who, Kraftwerk), his stint as a concert producer on Rock At Midnight for Italia 1 TV, and his tours across LA, Prague and Johannesburg.

Also a member of the Animals Asia Foundation, the artist is committed to ending inhumane activities like bear breeding on bile farms and improving the living conditions of animals in Asia. Advancing his creative expression on these topics – which are all very close to his heart – with his latest release, Aria hopes to raise awareness for the cruel conditions that endangered animals are constantly being subjected to in the habitats they once found freedom and contentment within.

The lead single – ‘The Next Life’ – features very honest lyrics penned by Los Angeles-based author B. Warner, and lead vocals by the up-and-coming Houston-based Hip Hop artist R Reed, who is undoubtedly growing his skills through collaborating with a veteran duo. The single combines a texturally rich rock-leaning ballad which tips a hat to the animals who are finding their species on the verge of extinction with a more dynamic, socially conscious Hip-Hop backdrop with neat cross-over potential, spreading the message to the largest audience possible.

Calling his audience to action and creating musical expression in its truest form, Aria’s timely Earth Day-endorsed release will simply captivate you with its unforgettable sound while bringing issues to light that are bigger than us all as humans. Combining a true humanitarian heart with an undeniable talent aided by diverse collaborations. ‘The Next Life’ and ‘The Lady In White’ are ready to be heard, and shared with all your loved ones, across all of the available platforms now.

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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