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Urban Interviews: Noble1BOF

With a story just as inspired as his music, we sat down with rising rap star Noble1BOF ahead of his upcoming breakout EP ‘Benefits Of Freedom’…

UR: You enlisted the help of Carla for your latest track ‘No Games’, but who would be your dream artist to collaborate on a track with? Anybody who explores a completely different genre that you would like to lace up an experimental track with?

Jhene Aiko, I believe she’d bring out something special in me in terms of my skills, Sativa is a gorgeous track.

UR: Your work includes being a key artist for the ex-prisoner run Red Tangent Records label that was funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and I was really wondering how your contact with them came about and if there are any interesting labels that influenced its inception?

I started working with Irene Taylor Trust inside, they were great, but when it came to being out they referred me on to Changing Tunes who were starting a label with some of the guys they worked with, which was Red Tangent. I liked the vibe and they were up for supporting me so I decided to go for it.

UR: You are currently in an interesting position where you are an ex-prisoner signed to a label run by ex-prisoners specifically designed to support ex-prisoners in their output? What would be your advice to similar artists who may be looking to break out with a similar background?

Everyone has a past, some more brutal than others, if you’re motivated to move forward then hard work and dedication will open up doors for you, and your attitude will convince people to give you the opportunity you need and deserve. 

UR: You have a headline gig at the Brixton Jamm on the 29th of the June currently set to happen, so you have a very exciting future, but if you could hop into a time machine and quickly travel to a different era of Hip-Hop to make music and collaborate with the other artists in the same time period, where would you choose and why?

I would say between 2005-2006 as this was the year HIP-HOP was at its very best in my humble opinion. Especially since I’ve been highly influenced by STYLES-P the rapper and during 2005-2006 he was on top of his game, not just as a rapper but also as a ghost writer for a lot of other artists such as JAY-z just to name 1. 

So yes I would like to be in the year 2005-2006. 

UR: Finally, are there any more teasers about upcoming projects that you can give to your fans?

Firstly respect to everyone who has loved ‘No Games’! Would just like to let everyone who liked my music from the beginning, and new fans, know that there’s so many spices in the cupboard – I’m always in the kitchen trying to cook up a something special! So they just need to stay tuned and they will get a lot more of that good music. (And if Jhene happens to be available…)

‘Sometimeish’ which is the second single from Benefits Of Freedom, will be dropping very soon and maybe a big collab could be next…

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Linktr.ee: https://linktr.ee/Noble1bof

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