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Mesker vie for your attention with a frenzied sonic spectrum on the new 4-track EP ‘Casual Freedoms’

Bringing their intoxicating blend of metalcore and progressive rock to the mainstream, the nu-metal duo of Mesker are promising a riotous rock release of truly incendiary proportions when their brand new EP ‘Casual Freedoms’ and lead single ‘When The Fabric Frays’ releasing May 13th and April 29th, respectively. Based in London, the duo are all about DIY – having recorded, written and produced their upcoming releases internally. Each of the tracks have been exploring chilling lyrics about the fear of failure, the illusion of choice, and the effects of substance abuse.

Taking influence from artists like Kharma, Vein.fm and Counterparts – Mesker are known for merging frenzied sonic meditations with the vulnerability of heart-on-sleeve intuitiveness, creating a unique take on Metal that covers the extreme ends of both the sonic and emotional avenues. With a sound that articulates the passion of metalcore’s technicality with frantic melodic riffs and high-octane pacing, Mesker artfully craft unconventional, not to mention unpredictable, song structures that set them apart from their contemporaries. The two musicians are hell-bent on tackling unusual time signatures to keep listeners on their toes and create a genuine interplay between their dynamic, giving their music a highly interesting amount of depth.

Technically proficient and old school-inspired, ‘When The Fabric Frays’ feels raw and chaotic immediately from the outset, showing some healthy fangs for dipping its teeth into hyper pacing. Edgy and brash lead guitar hooks lead the charge, while slightly slower sections allow the lyrics about mortality and coming to terms with our surroundings, encouraging us to try and enjoy the slice of life that we have despite setbacks and constant changes, to also have a presence amongst the mosh pit-friendly bite of the piercing bass guitars and the thunderous soundscape. Balancing introspective and philosophical lyrical themes with a deep passion for the metal genre musicality, the energetic production of the swift single shows a volatile approach to songwriting.

Informed by their influences in the metalcore genre and boosted by lead singles which capture the duo’s erraticism and technical framework, Mesker’s new EP is shaping up to be an unmissable short-form record that strives for perfection as the duo continue to carve out their own unique space in the Metal landscape, giving us a rather irresistible taste of what is to come.

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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