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Radar Reviews: Michael Tinholme (feat. Mike Garson & Band Of Legends) – ‘Lullaby For Our Daughters’

Some songs can have the power to not only capture the mood of our time, but help to define it, while others can crystallize what is most important to us. The versatile Idaho-based contemporary classical Jazz singer-songwriter Michael Tinholme hopes to add his latest’ band of legends collective single ‘Lullaby For Our Daughters’ to the list of tracks that may well be added to the list of great songs for peace and tranquility. Written in the style of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and pitched in the same lane as The Beatles’ ‘Revolution’ in terms of style and sound, ‘Lullaby For Our Daughters’ is the musician’s celebratory anthem for International Women’s Month.

A crossover ballad that strives to replicate the peace of John Lennon\’s world peace anthems like ‘ Give Peace A Chance’ with old-school production and a subtle modern twist, Tinholme’s piece features an all-star cast of creatives including the iconic producer Mike Garson (Known as David Bowie’s pianist) and the US Jazz singer/arranger Nnenna Freelon, along with conductor Steve Rawlins & Dennis Moody, ‘Lullaby For Our Daughters’ has been released by Blue Planet Records as a simplistic, yet timeless, reminder of hope that fits the re-surging warmth of the sun recently.

Speaking about the track, Tinholme comments, \”When singing ‘Lullaby For Our Daughters’ over two years ago now, I imagined a first-time father or parent walking the room, and singing their daughter off to sleep, and how his, and our hopes and dreams and worries for that child, our children, all children, gives all of our lives greater meaning and purpose for a better future. I congratulate Mike Garson and Nnenna Freelon for giving the world a beautiful song which is also a wonderful prayer for a more hopeful and peaceful tomorrow“, in a press statement.

Moving at a slow and gradually building pace that introduces layers of nice, floating Piano chords and a wistful bass guitar solo into the ever-evolving instrumentation of ‘Lullaby For Our Daughters’, Tinholme and the all-star band add sentimentality and warmth to an organically tranquil sequence of acoustic guitar riffs and affectionate Piano chords that makes the ballad feel rather old-school, but not terribly old-fashioned as to suggest that it feels outdated or tacky. Instead, we get an unhurried and restrained classical-style Jazz piece that feels timeless and true to its greatest influences.

The lyrics deal with empathy, sympathy, farewell, night time and childhood as key themes, while the vocals have a dream-like and soothing feel, which is mainly being executed by Tinholme’s smoky and mature vocal delivery. He gives the more slow-paced melodies a slight uplift, while also sticking squarely into the airy and radiant tone of the instrumentals that surround him. As always, he contributes a late-night Americana aesthetic into the track, where you can imagine it being performed in a Las Vegas nightclub filled with romance and ambitions. The progression never evolves into something that feels very dramatic or harsh, but the pace builds in calming ways that delicately complement the light-hearted elegance.

In the fullness of time, Tinholme and his ‘band of legends’ are making sure their laid-back grooves and their retro classical Jazz production retains the anthemic feel of similarly slow but poignant pieces like John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and The Beatles ‘Revolution’ that have influenced it. So old-school that it feels refreshing, ‘Lullaby For Our Daughters’ is faint enough to make you fall asleep if you have troubles at bed time, but it has enough poignancy to have an effect beyond the ‘background listening’ category as a whole. Pleasant to listen to, but worthy of more praise, you get the sense that all of the bases have been covered for the goals that ‘Lullaby For Our Daughters’ strives to achieve in creating peace for these times.

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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