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Noble gives an insight on the ‘Benefits of Freedom’

In his debut track ‘No Games’, Noble gives us an insight on the negative impact that prison and gang-related activity has on people’s lives through his lyrical brilliance. He also expressed the platform that you can place yourself on if you simply take advantage of your lawful freedom and invest your time in not only music but any hobbies you may have adopted along the way. The song’s great flow and catchy beat will most definitely allow it to meet its purpose.

He also presented music as a path that he disciplined himself to stay on despite the distractions of his society. He did this all and still managed to make a fire track!

He describes his time behind bars as a strengthening experience that he wants to use to inspire the future generation. Noble in fact began to create music whilst in prison which adds a sense of credibility to his work as he has experienced both freedom and captivity. He chose to emulate artists like Drake, Giggs and specifically Style’s P as he was Noble’s main driving force when it came to starting music and subsequently turning his life around.

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The striking instrumental that aligns with traditional grime would attract the attention of the youth who are the main target audience. In addition to this, the song also featured female vocalist, Carla. With a female artist on the song, it opens the target audience from just youngsters in need of guidance and inspiration to any aspiring female artists within the scene.

Overall, Noble utilized all his knowledge and experience to create a track so inspirational that anyone can learn from it. Make sure to give it a listen when it drops on the 22nd of April!

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