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Radar Reviews: JD Days – ‘Say Yes To Love’

A London-based singer songwriter exploring modern Indie, 90’s Brit Pop, Folk and Progressive Rock whose sound is described as “the best of Oasis and Arctic Monkeys that sometimes meets Ed Sheeran for their more slow, ballad-type songs” on their website, JD Days prides himself as an artist who is always writing new material relevant to the changing times in the modern age that we live in. Their latest single ‘Say Yes To Love’, promises to be a timely anthem that is sure to infuse the heart and soul with a resonant sense of peace and love across the globe, but it also aims to be more than just a heartfelt rock anthem bridging the void between stadium Pop and progressive rock. Can JD Days, for instance, retain the aura of his Live Aid influences of the 90’s?

JD Days is gaining momentum for his rise to stardom in the industry off the back of the release of his anthemic new single ‘Say Yes To Love’, a firmly Anti-War and Pro-Love rock ballad that feels fittingly, or perhaps somewhat accidentally, like a subtle protest to the current affairs between Russia and Ukraine. He will be performing multiple tour dates throughout 2022, and he is set to be releasing a self-explanatory new album, ‘Originals Only’, during the summer. The feel-good new single release follows the success of 2020’s ‘Evergreen Christmas’, which has helped JD Days to rack up an impressive figure of over 123,000 streams on Spotify. Therefore, ‘Say Yes To Love’ has the potential to make him a household name as his star gradually continues to rise.

‘Say Yes To Love’ finds JD Days channeling the timeless feel of all-time great musicians like George Harrison and Elton John with playful keyboard beats and ascending guitar melodies that set the scene for agreeable lyrics such as “We breathe the same air, we feel the same sun. We all make choices and sometimes we get them wrong, you won’t solve nothing with the barrel of a gun“, and, additionally, “Choose love not war, loves the only thing we’ve got and love is worth fighting for“, which permeate through the personal refrains of the track with a really upfront tone.

Such lyrics, set against the backdrop of eclectic Post-Grunge influences and theatrical rock opera hints, are hard-hitting given the recent times of dark lockdown periods and restricted Christmas visit measures, not to mention the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and they lay the bed for the track to progress naturally past it’s briefly String-laden opening and the hopeful Piano chords that establish an underlying warmth in the early going of the track. As we all seek peace for humanity, JD Days manages to really hammer the point home. It has pertinence and relevance, while fulfilling its larger goals of giving us all encouragement to pull together as a society with a peaceful protest, instead of feeling massively combative or like it is cashing in on the anxieties of the public that obviously, despite it’s stadium-sized guitars and accessible lyrics.

While ‘Say Yes To Love’ may be slightly less appealing to the alternative rock music market due to its universal accessibility and general lyricism, and the track could do with a few more breaks from repetition, the track earns its stars due to how it unifies it’s outward songwriting and far-reaching, wide instrumentation so naturally to convey a beacon of light in a bleak and harrowing time – feeling like a suitable, if conventional, modern take on the Live Aid anthems of the 1990’s.

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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