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Radar Reviews: Shiny Glide – ‘In Danger Of Extinction’

A one-man music project armed with little, but a fender guitar and Arturia midi controller, who previously spent his musical career in lockdown at his home in Italy due to the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic inside a household who reportedly had no interest in his creative output or personal societal values, Anthony Venneri (who records his music under the alias of Shiny Glide) has always felt a deep connection between the disruptions of entanglement and isolation.

His music shifts between the Psych-Rock and Blues genres, and Venneri has been working tirelessly under harsh living conditions to produce his ninth alternative indie musing – ‘Nocturnal Flight’ – which promises to traverse the world of trip hazards and tranquility. The lead single – ‘In Danger Of Extinction’ – arguably tackles the core themes of injustice and nature the most vividly.

Describing his own songwriting methods as “very fast and very instinctive” for the robust 10-track listing of his most recent full-length record, Venneri has rooted ‘In Danger Of Extinction’ in his personal feelings of serenity and independence.

Having cut off his family of origin – a group that he felt did not support his ambitions – and moved to Rome with his wife, the brave multi-instrumentalist has hyped up the album as a true reflection of his diligence and worldview, as well as his motivations to retain the goodwill of humanity as opposed to simply commercial success. He explains, “I don’t make music for others or for the masses, but to treasure a divine and universal language and to survive the best way I can in a pretty sad and horrible world and society“, in a press release.

Refusing to mince his words, Venneri’s ethos to create a peaceful space for listeners to be rewarded with a deep intimate space for reflection comes through with clarity on ‘In Danger Of Extinction’, a single that mixes gentle elements of Dream Pop, Glitch and Shoegaze together with sonorous guitar riffs and more haunting Synth arrangements. The skittering Drum riffs are on-point to create the intimate and stripped back mood, with light String sequences and gentle percussion that quietly accelerates the sweeping beats forwards in melodicism.

The vocals noticeably have a feel of subtle poetry to them, where the low-pitched croons of Venneri mirrors an older Jarvis Cocker in their playfully quirky and academia-based delivery. It taps into the artists’ own background as a poet – with the existentialist, dark poem feel of the vocals adding a touch more depth and variety to the melodies. It feels disillusioned and disconcerting as a complete whole, in terms of the hazy production of the chilling single, which has come accompanied by a music video that has slowly accumulated over 10.1k views on YouTube. The final verse also dips lightly into an ambient video game soundtrack feel, as Venneri winds down with the carefully produced musing all about psychedelic prayer and paradoxical contemplation.

While ‘In Danger Of Extinction’ was not a complete home-run for this nerdy writer – as the lyrics themselves could have done with more memorability and the melodies could have progressed a little more in surprising ways – it feels like a great reflection of the stark reality of being a human and finding ways to persevere through imbalance, dipping into some influences from his own upbringing, to lend you a few minutes to yourself to simply enjoy the surroundings of his sounds.

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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