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Harpreet Bansal Captivates From the Heart with a Global Fusion on ‘Pravat’

Distorting the lines between the North American traditions of music with the Jazz twist on sitar-based Ragas (a healing type of music) and the erratic, playful Jazz scene in Parvat, India – Harpreet Bansal is a Norwegian Grammy Award-nominated musician who connects the wildly free qualities and musically outstanding powers behind the three movements.

Between being a composer, orchestra soloist, hard-working mother and also owning a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, it is apparent that Harpreet Bansal is a very exciting character in the traditional music of North India. She started her musical journey at just two years old with her father as her first guru, who moved to Oslo in the 70’s. From there, she has toured extensively around the world and studied under legendary Indian musicians like Kavita Krishnamurthi and Dr. L. Subramaniam.

She pioneered as the first to study Northern Indian classical music at the Norwegian Academy Of Music. She was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy award for her second album and she played 700 concerts for school children, who she amusingly describes as “the toughest and best audience in the world“.

At 37 minutes long, the body of work known as ‘Parvat’ – which you can hear from 11th February – is a showcase of her talents as a Norweigan Radio Orchestra member and a soloist of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. With a deep-rooted foundation in Indian classical music, her sounds are elevated by a rich pool of influences – like classic rock, her contemporaries and guru’s across Europe, India and Asian as she takes a deep breath and plays from the heart.

With a universally praised, radical approach to blending her many passions together and carrying the torch from the greats that have influenced her or performed alongside her, Harpreet Bansal is a unique talent who pushes the excitement of her love for music and the forms of music that she has been trained in, to push the boundaries.

Binding everything together is Bansal’s shimmering, yearning fiddle… Samaya is a classy piece of collective musicianship and well worth repeated listening” – Tom Woodall, Songlines Magazine

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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