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Louis Siciliano’s Mumex Trio tell ‘The Legend Of Mansa’ to a wider audience than ever in cosmic new album ‘Folds Of Time’

Fronted by the syncretic composer, performer and holistic musician Louis Siciliano, Mumex Trio are an exciting, progressive new contemporary three piece Nu-Classical group who are taking listeners of all backgrounds on an exhilarating trip through sound, melody and rhythm to explore their take on acceptance, appreciation and adoration for their themes. Their message is that although we are all aware of the value and significance within the production of music, we are often shielded from the source of its power and Mumex Trio highlights this upfront artistry beautifully by their sublimely textured sounds.

As the frontman of Mumex Trio, Louis Siciliano has spent years of hard working determination to expertly craft his creative sound. He describes it as “Quantum music that can be heard in this historical time“, and it is evident that every listener will be taken on a comforting voyage through a personal experience that still manages to be universal. His songwriting was inspired by the vital principles of life’s ecosystems that move all sentimental beings in the cosmos, and so the trio’s newest album – ‘Folds Of Time’ – is currently set to highlight our consciousness through the delivery of sound. You can buy or download the album from 2nd February.

Comprised of Louis Siciliano (Pianist), Roberto Bellatalla (Contrabass) and Mauro Salvatore (Drums), Mumex Trio collectively share their undeniable aim to connect the listener to their inner knowing while transforming their perception of instrumental music’s versatility through the listening process. Through their Jazz, Contemporary Classical and World Fusion explorations of genre, this album promises to blend a harmonious array of movement and structural variance together.

The album’s latest single – ‘The Legend Of Mansa’ – accompanied by a live music video that has been posted above that premieres on YouTube at 6pm on Wednesday 2nd February – coinciding day and date with the release of the highly sought-after new project – gives you a small but concise teaser of what the album will bring you when the full record goes live. The melodies are spread between a long near ten-minute duration that feels like a bold choice in itself given the ‘3-minute rule’ of commercial radio counterparts that come more packaged in design. Sicilano layers some spiritual language above a glistening crescendo of fluttering Piano chords and whirring bass that invites the humming drums and the twinkling keys into the fray at a gradual pace. It comes across like a ten-minute moment of meditation, with rousing vocals that feel all the more intriguing because they are difficult to hear in the equation, and it is something that you could definitely envision hearing in a Martial Arts flick.

Through years of preparation, drafting ideas together, showing passionate and tireless dedication to their craft and developing their concepts fully to flesh out their sound to new audiences, Mumex Trio have created excellent ties with credited producer Harry Maslin, audio engineer Neil Dorfman and key mentor Wayne Shorter throughout the production stages of this album. Advice and assistance was also welcomed from the storied pianist Elizabeth Stombart, who was also an integral figure to Mumex Trio’s career, having supported Louis through very difficult times of his personal life alongside her husband, Christopher.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that – with this superb guest list – that Mumex Trio are slated to excite and delight you through the teachings that have shaped them. Both captivating and compelling, they are ready to charm audiences, as well as educate them, on the art of enjoying music not only through your ears, but experiencing music as medicine for your soul, heart and conscious being.

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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