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Bent Self invites you through a sonic journey of industrial and darkly experimental proportions on his ‘Squeals On Wheels’ RV-produced new LP ‘Waves’

If you love your music of the dark pop, post-industrial and experimental electronic variety, the ambitious new album entitled ‘Waves’ by Bent Self (who is also known as the Arizona-based songwriter Dustyn Marsing) has you covered. Conceived in his ‘Squeals On Wheels’ RV homebase, Marsing invites you to enter the warped and wicked world of his anarcho-industrial sounds as he takes you on a gleefully grungy road trip through a menacing variety of hip-hop, industrial, electronic and metal sounds on ‘Waves’. An LP that, like its namesakes, ebbs and flows then crashes, ‘Waves’ promises to keep you on the edge of your passenger seat as Marsing keeps both of his feet on the gas pedal with his fourth studio album as he pulls listeners down a rabbit hole with the daring 10-track release.

Equal parts atmospheric and melancholic, the artists’ enigmatic world does extend beyond the visual themes of the album itself. The opening track of ‘Some Days’ is designed to shroud you in mystery as the listener, while the follow-up track of ‘She’s So Delicate’ drags you through a frenetic chorus with some very kinetic guitar rhythms. Meanwhile, the emotional depths of ‘Please Just Go’ and stand out feature spots from guest artists such as Louis Gibbor and The Adepts on later tracks bring new dimensions to the sound of ‘Waves’ overall.

These elements also define the soundscape of the album’s new single – ‘Love Will Stay With You’ – a track that communicates a more romantic message dressed in dark metal and prog-synth elements in a space between Linkin Park and John Carpenter as Marsing performs at his best level yet by blending his impassioned, coarse lead vocals with some Horrorcore-inspired synth production. It makes for a truly majestic offering.

Moreover, Marsing has continued to establish his varied skills as a potential fashion icon of the future with his own Galactic Weed Bandits merchandise line that has taken on a life of its own. Building on his fun-loving and dark, but anarchic, persona of Bent Self – the brand is exactly what it sounds like – little green aliens with huge green plants. Ever the restless creative of some multi-media talents is Marsing, who simply was not content to lay low and watch the world go by as the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has rippled our social lives. Instead, he opted to go, as he notes, “Galactically ganja with astronomical success“, in a press release.

Figuratively adopting a whole new legion of fans to Bent Self’s discography while becoming a very successful venture in its own right, the project continues to cement Marsing as a must-watch artist for fans of music and closing as he continues to play with the boundaries of his medium and explores themes beyond the norm with albums like ‘Waves’, a technically proficient and twistedly dark record. Since the album is available through all major streaming platforms now, there has never been a better time to check it out until now.

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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