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Urban Interviews: The Real J Israel

Gospel and fusion may not be your first thought when imagining Christmas music but that’s exactly the eclectic mix that newcomer The Real J Israel flaunts on new single ‘Give Thanks (Be Grateful)’; and it is a sure treat for the ears. Chatting to the mind behind the music, we had a catch up with The Real J Israel…

UR: How did you get into music in the first place?

My dad is a musician and pastor so I grew up singing in the church.

UR: Did you have other goals/dreams if it wasn’t going to be music?

Well I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer whether through music or acting. But the main goal has always been to impact lives in a positive way.

UR: How do you spend most of your spare time outside of music?

There isn’t any spare time. However, I make time for my wife and children.

UR: If you could share the stage with a deceased music star who would it be and why?

That’s a tough one I would have to say with both Michael Jackson and James Brown.

UR: What’s your method for discovering new music?

Listening to local radio stations and my wife and children they are all music heads.

UR: What this 2021 taught you about yourself as an artist?

2021 has taught me the importance of social media.

UR: How has your formative years in gospel choirs and churches worked its way into your music today?

Singing gospel is about passion, emotion and connecting with your listener, I use these same techniques with the music that I am currently creating.

UR: How do you balance your work, family and musical life? Is it something that comes naturally?

It’s really just about prioritizing and understanding. Family is always first, however they are very understanding and supportive when it comes to me and my music.

Give Thanks (Be Grateful) is out now and available everywhere!

Check out J Israel down below!


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