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Urban Radar Showcase: The Wonders of David Hicks

 If you’ve not seen the work of photojournalist David Hicks before, then you’re definitely missing out. If you’ve never been abroad and seen the world first-hand, then David Hicks is your portal to the whole world.

His site is a melting pot of different cultures, countries, and communities, his work a visual appreciation of the universe we live in.A standout work is his Cuban dance and music collection, a striking compilation of the passion and drama of the people involved.

Hicks says of his work:  “In Cuba, they live for their music. It’s everything to them, and they’re very good at it. After the initial outlay of buying the instrument of choice, it’s very cheap to enjoy. There’s not much in the way of other distractions so practice is easy.”

Follow David’s work down below:

Website: HiXPOSURE | Travel Photography

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