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Sophia Lucia brings a comfort food feeling to the fold with her quirky new single ‘Pizza Place Weekdays’

“My music is conversational, theatrical, confessional and surrealistic. I like to tell stories, as well as jump around from anecdote to anecdote, dove-tailing images that are my truths, the truth of others, and fictions” – Sophia Lucia

If you were starting to think – even just for a second – that Sophia Lucia is just another one of your run-of-the-mill musicians, her newest single, ‘Pizza Place Weekdays’, is here to prove otherwise. This Paris-based, but Chicago-born, songwriter began writing and playing live music at the early age of 8 and she is now perhaps best known for her ‘Freak Show Cabaret’ album and live performance shows that became the talk of the Paris Underground. Described as “A one-woman show of poetic amazement, singing, swinging and creative genius”, Sophia Lucia brings all of those gifts and promises to bring more to the table with her fantastic new single release, which is our first tease of the playful material coming from her forthcoming next album release.

Channeling original talents such as Chicano Batman, Fiona Apple and Joni Mitchell in her unbridled approach to songwriting paired to her barreling percussive melodies, ‘Pizza Place Weekdays’ is an unforgettable single from an artist who is sitting atop the pride of her game with a cool confidence in her stride. She moves from verse to chorus with sardonic wit and playful lyricism that feel like a narrative-oriented latin pop ballad with ear-opening folk-rock riffs and off-kilter rhythms with the ease of a seasoned entertainer as she marries eccentric spoken word vocals with refreshing instrumentals that complement the intriguing lyricism. With none of her two singles ever feeling the same, Sophia Lucia manages to combine both the everyday and the extraordinary with her playful material.

Such eccentric and comedic compositions hark back to the glory days of the great visual art musicians Tom Lehrer and Flanders & Swann, as well as the wonky Jazz-Pop influences of Belle & Sebastian. Sophia Lucia, as a case in point, is more firmly rooted in equal parts to Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan. A singular talent who is charting her own course to a fulfilling music career, Lucia is a distinctive and natural talent who seems destined for a big breakthrough in 2022.

Praise for Sophia Lucia

“Sometimes a melting point, sometimes a pressure cooker but always hot and very original” – Spoken Word (Paris)

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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