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Radar Reviews: Grave Jones – ‘Heaven Only Knows’

Having worked with eye-raising producers like Dimitri Tikovi (Nick Cave, Placebo) and Eric Chadeville (Daft Punk, Charlotte Gainsbourg) and shared the stage with familiar names like Klaxons and Super Furry Animals over the decades, model and hopeful rock star Grave Jones (whose actual name is Rabih Salloum) is looking to break out of the shadow of his time leading the Electronic Rock group Slutterhouse and step into the limelight as a solo musician with his big first hit.

He follows the lead of modern pop and rock successes like Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood to produce something that appeals well to both the ‘indie dancefloor’ niche and the mainstream charts. Grave Jones has thankfully shown promise with his new single ‘Heaven Only Knows’ to reach the heights of his lofty ambitions.

Heralding the arrival of his latest album ‘Heartrage Hotel’ with the new single, which comes accompanied by a rare music video directed by Karl Hadife, Grave Jones aims to create his new album in the mould of which it channels his optimism and anger in equal parts to make music that feels as socially important as it is catchy.

There’s a distinct air of Noel Gallagher to his vocal delivery, where his high-pitched wailing matches the soaring, yet chugging beats that he exudes with the lead guitar backdrop. There’s a few ad libs throughout the track, that feel straight to the point and add variety to the hooks, and he footnotes the ethereal style of his spoken vocals with a series of uplifting vocal harmonies and a punchy guitar solo mid-way through the track. His influences are clear, and he brings an industrial flair to his established sound overall.

The production, on the other hand, feels raw and heavy. There are glimpses of an 80’s rock soundtrack that feels like Simple Minds or Soft Cell in briefly energetic intervals, while the mood feels apologetically rock and roll. This creates a solid mixture where Jones nods to the past by putting a spin on classic 90’s Brit-Rock groups like Primal Scream and Manic Street Preachers.

Although the lead vocals and the guitar feel a little disorienting in the mix at times, ‘Heaven Only Knows’ still has the rare ability to pull you away from your current activity and demand your attention more intently. It has some great equal parts of 80’s Punk and 90’s Brit-pop and uses these eclectic influences to some dramatic effect with some strong instrumentation in the chorus. ‘Heaven Only Knows’ proves that Grave Jones has the know-how to create a stand out tune that will appeal to sizable demographics. Will he continue to deliver? Heaven Only Knows…

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

Grave’s latest single Heaven Only Knows is out now and available everywhere!

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