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Giorgos Tabakis strives for string-based originality with 8 string-produced new album led by sensational cut ‘Attraction’

“8 strings. 10 fingers. 10 songs. 8-string guitar player Giorgos Tabakis’ remarkable new album ‘hEre nOw theN’ will keep you in rapt attention from its beginning to its very end. Drop what you are doing and buy it!” – Walter Kolosky (Author of the renowned book ‘The Story Of The Legendary Mahavishnu Orchestra (Passion, Power and Beauty) and co-host of the popular ‘Jazz Rocks‘ podcast)

It is not very often that you hear an entirely, 100% original song. However, the Athens-based experimental ambient composer Giorgos Tabakis brings something new to the table with an 8 string guitar, prog/jazz/folk fusions and sounds that exist on the cutting edge of modern creativity. Armed with his one-of-a-kind instrument, the artist has prepared to release his most hearfelt and inventive body of work yet, his new album, ‘hEre nOw theN’, which includes ten full bodied new tracks.

At just nine years of age, Giorgos Tabakis’ own mother took him to a small conservatory in his hometown of Nafpaktos, Greece. There, he experienced the wisdom that she shared with him – music that will only strengthen the soul and heart of a human being that encounters it. From that moment on, he became inseparable from his guitar.

“I contact with that first motivation which was just to touch and play the guitar because I loved it’s sound. It was my sound, produced from my body without any intervention between me and the instrument. Magic!” – Giorgos Tabakis (Athens-based guitarist, composer and band leader)

‘Attraction’ – the memorable opening track of the specialist LP release – is a warm introduction for listeners to get sunk into Tabakis’ exotic world. By adopting the compositional mindset of an old-fashioned Lounge Jazz single and bridging the gaps between Jazz and Classical with progressive rhythms that feel grounded in approach, the artist uses the capabilities of his often discussed 8-string instrument to replicate the sound of an orchestral piece. Using ominous instruments to undercut the booming percussion of the track and layer the scatty runs effectively. As a result, it is easy for listeners to get transported out of the busy stresses of everyday life and to become captivated by Tabakis’ strange affinity for medieval-inspired sounds and darkly oriented soundscapes, albeit through a contemporary lens of Prog production. Therefore, metaphor and allegory each dance to the rhythms of Tabakis’ pioneering 8-string guitar melodies.

The GT8 string guitar, Giorgos’ own signature musical instrument, is a very unique model. Not only does it inspire his productivity, but it was sculpted by the Moov Guitars company, who specifically created this instrument and assigned it to Tabakis’ hands. This instrument has, understandably, become synonymous with the new album’s star. Seemingly symbiotic, the pair work together in a perfect harmony that feels certain to astonish listeners across the globe.

Fans can listen to ‘hEere nOw theN’ on all digital streaming platforms now.

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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