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Supreme Unbeing links up with Edge Of Tomorrow actor Dragomir Mrsic to create daunting new video for ‘Face Of Evil’

With the line-up being comprised of vocalist Zac Reed, D. Vine (lead guitar), D. Sciple (Rhythm Guitar), Al Mytee (Drums) and a bassist who remains unknown – Supreme Unbeing are an enigmatic 5-piece Metal group who, although they have only just recently transformed from CGI characters into full-bodied entities, their impact has been felt in the physical realm with the highly acclaimed release of their debut album ‘Enter Reality’, which was loved by the likes of Metal Hammer (in Greece) and Sweden Rock Magazine. They also achieved a staggering combined statistic of over 5.5 million video and digital streams in less than 12 months following their debut LP release.

A highly in-demand live music act, Supreme Unbeing have just announced the details regarding their new album ‘Enduring Physicality’. To accompany the announcement, a fresh new single has been unveiled. ‘Face Of Evil’ was mixed by Sebastian Levermann, who is the lead singer and lead guitarist of the equally highly acclaimed German Alt-Metal outfit Orden Ogan, and the music video stars the actor Dragomir Mrsic, who is perhaps best known for acting alongside Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in the popular action science fiction film ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ from 2014. Although the band have continued to retain their mysterious presence, Supreme Unbeing treat their singles as vital messages to their fans around the world, and they yet again explore significant ideas in their latest track.

“This song is about self-proclaimed kings, tyrants, societal leaders… and your friends. Whether you have your own life agenda or not, they’ll manipulate and rob you of your free will to get what they want with their – as the song goes – ever-changing Face Of Evil” – Zac Reed (of Supreme Unbeing)

Boasting a frenzied rock opera feel that sounds theatrical and grand, ‘Face Of Evil’ is married together by thunderous drum riffs that forcefully control the ambiguous narrative of the lyrics, with hardened bass guitar grooves and a heightened sense of cinematic delivery that would feel right at home in a Dark Souls video game soundtrack.

The intoxicating concoction of very strange grooves and hyper-melodic verses is rounded off by a sweeping lead guitar solo that powers its way through the second half of the new single. A perfect companion to the music is the video itself, which features some very ambiguous monster chase scenes and a potential Hollywood film star in the making – Dragomir Misic – who is a Bosnian-Swedish actor whose most prolific credits, other than 2014’s ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’, includes the ‘Easy Money’ film series and a pair of video games including 2014’s ‘Payday 2’ and 2018’s ‘A Way Out’, amongst some television credits. Driven by psychedelic visuals, the music video is packed with symbolism and meaning. Although we may not know much about Supreme Unbeing, their presence is still felt.

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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