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How Brit-Pop Changed An Indian’s Life – Fynbos travelled half the world to craft the masterful new cut ‘The Only One’

“Everywhere I looked I saw stories on the news and social media about people being separated over distances unable to be with their loved ones. We felt separated from the world and ‘The Only One’ is based on that feeling of yearning and isolation” – Fynbos

Deep down in the heart of India, while his family and friends were typically listening to exotic and authentic Indian hymns that feels a long distance away from the chart hits and viral attention of our world, Fynbos decided to plug his earphones into Brit-Pop artists like Doves, Coldplay and The Travis. Also citing global groups like Sigur Ros and The Divine Comedy as a pair of his other major influences, Fynbos relocated to the UK at the young age of 18 to pursue his dreams as a successful musician on the UK’s indie circuit, but, unfortunately, the limitations of real life got in the way of his Brit-Pop passions. Fynbos has now decided to give himself a well-deserved second chance with the release of his stunning new single – ‘The Only One’.

Opening with a melancholic series of reverberating guitar patterns, Fynbos delves speedily into an Alternative Folk influence that tells a story of an internal monologue that cries out to places no longer attainable and people who can no longer be reached, with Fynbos evoking a disillusioned state of longing through his vocals.

The paled-back acoustic guitar strums will feel familiar for any fans of Arcade Fire, while the raspy Blues delivery of his voice evokes something more progressive akin to The War On Drugs. Folk-led and ambient washings of affectionate guitar strums act like a duet with Fynbos’ deep cut vocals, feeling almost like the exhausted and voiceless partner that he is desperately trying to make contact with. A subdued bass guitar part and a restrained drum beat also create an emotive, fuzzy and Lo-Fi backdrop to underscore the lyrics containing the emotional core that invokes feelings of nostalgia and melancholy for his listeners.

The main musical journey of the Manchester-based melancholic musician, Fynbos, has been well documented in the press. After teaching himself how to play the guitar in only two weeks with just his six-string, a keen ear and a strong spirit, Fynbos has since embarked on several live tours across London, Sheffield, Liverpool, his current city, and beyond, making his mark on the UK’s live acoustic scene by entertaining and informing the crowds of his personal experiences. When real-life issues caused these dreams to fall apart, Fynbos sold all of his guitar gear and that call for adventure has now been rung once more – ten years after. As they say, better late than never at all.

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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