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Viral star Sam Chaplin once again proves he is the entertainer’s entertainer by wowing the stars with his new single ‘Sing It Out’

In the case of a whole cast of the UK’s comedy stars, including Greg Davies and David Mitchell, we are entertained by a whole host of Britain’s greatest and most popular Arts and Media performers each day. None, however, are claiming to have captured the attention quite as quickly in their careers as the viral TikTok sensation Sam Chaplin – who has been stunning celebrity and public audiences alike at the front of his Jazz band, and, having worked with names like James Corden, Jack Whitehall and Rob Brydon, is now set to wow the masses with the highly-anticipated release of his new single ‘Sing It Out’.

Mainstream audiences may be familiar with Sam Chaplin due to his runaway successful parody web series that swaps lyrics of classic anthems, such as Come On Eileen, with lockdown-like lyrics that inspire humour and quirky comedy.

These have racked up over 1.27m views online, and Chaplin is ready to take things a step further by flexing his creative muscles with his entirely original single, ‘Sing It Out’, which is influenced by his charity work alongside helping long-term sufferers of homelessness.

For the past nine years, Chaplin has been working as Choir Director for The Choir With No Name – a choir for those people affected by homelessness. He has developed a passion for leading, which has led him to rub his shoulders with a host of choirs paying tribute to causes like the Grenfell tower victims, workshops in prisons and disability schools, choirs for women whose own children have been taken away into care, Maggie’s Centers for people who are fighting Cancer, and other organisations. ‘Sing It Out’ has become a life philosophy for Sam Chaplin, and is not only set to be a hit Jazz-Pop number.

‘Sing It Out’ follows up on his previous single, ‘Right Now’, ahead of his new full album release, ‘Back Into Life’, which all audiences can enjoy buying or streaming very shortly – on November 7th.

Fans can also catch Chaplin live at his Bush Hall Launch gig on November 21st, which you can find out more about below. Laden with joyous keyboard riffs and sentimental vocals that describe the power of healing through performing, Chaplin’s soul-tinged vocals are a powerful echo of the present.

The percussion is strong, and the Piano melodies are both airy and radiant in texture, landing home the key message that music brings us all together and the power of unity – a power that Chaplin keeps witnessing first-hand. A simple encouragement to simply ‘Sing It Out’ when it comes to alleviating your worries and concerns in life.

“The song is a play on the phrase ‘Sing It Out’. Choir leaders and rock stars alike are always telling people to Sing It Out, but in this song the emphasis here is on the cathartic power of singing – singing ‘it’ out of your system, out of your body, out of your yesterday. The verse opens with a sparse Drum groove that takes you into the world of MJ’s Billie Jean, it talks of someone nervously walking into the room for the first time, the pre-chorus lifts us with a deft harmonic switch into a magical wonderland (nods to Rufus Wainwright) – this delivers the euphoric feeling of singing together on stage as a choir, and the chorus drops with a powerful ‘work song’ refrain that Rag ‘N’ Bone Man would be proud of.” – Sam Chaplin

Bush Hall Gig Information: https://dice.fm/event/gggr6-sam-chaplin-back-into-life-21st-nov-bush-hall-london-tickets

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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