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Grave Jones flies solo with a precise yet balanced rock attitude with ‘Heaven Only Knows’

Alt-Pop rocker Grave Jones has been blowing out all of our expectations to ‘Smithereens’ with the release of his recent singles and he follows the decent success of the aforementioned single with his largest and most ambitious new anthem to date – ‘Heaven Only Knows’ – on November 4th. A sonic journey through the course of an ’80s rock soundtrack that scored the fresh musicians’ early life, and later his influential passions for pop music, Grave Jones has the power to hook new listeners and reel them in with ‘Heaven Only Knows’, a single that he hopes fans will be hard-pressed to forget.

With an intoxicating blend of aggressive bass guitar riffs, strong verbal passages and rough-edged self-production, Grave Jones is striving to emulate the sound of a fully-fledged rock band and bring his talents to the mainstream. The new single also heralds the arrival of ‘Heartrage Hotel’, his new album, a project that was born amongst the civil unrest and economical decay of his own native homestead in Lebanon. With a lifetime spent as a rock star, a model, a philosopher, a writer, a guitarist and fashion designer, Grave Jones – whose real name is Rabih Salloum – channels his equal parts of fury and optimism to craft an album that is socially important as well as catchy.

The new LP – ‘Heartrage Hotel’ – marks Salloum’s highly anticipated return to making music as he previously fronted the critically acclaimed electronic rock band Slutterhouse, a time that allowed him to share the stage with a diversity of successful groups including Klaxons, Super Furry Animals and Sleigh Bells.

As part of the band, he worked with producers Eric Chedeville (Daft Punk, Charlotte Gainsbourg) and Dimitri Tikovoi (Nick Cave, Placebo) as he played at festivals like Dubai Sound City and Stockholm Fashion Week across the globe. So, the inevitable success of ‘Heaven Only Knows’ is adding just another string to his bow.

Built-up from a progressive, chugging set of guitar riffs that are laced with a punching tenacity throughout, ‘Heaven Only Knows’ is an immersive sonic journey that exudes a diversity of emotions in terms of the lyrical content and the heady vocals.

With a main leading vocal line that references metal icons like Ozzy Osbourne and Liam Gallagher, the complex Alternative DIY rock number sounds like it can hang with the classics already. His melodies are very straight to the point, and these unapologetically fiery beats are footnoted by an ethereal, moving chorus and uplifting backing harmonies, all of which shows off his solid guitar skills by paving the way for a suitably stunning guitar solo to fly off the rails a little bit and display the prowess of his favourite instrument.

Overall, ‘Heaven Only Knows’ clearly shows how diverse Jones’ talents are and how well-versed he is in crafting an uplifting rock tune that wants to get stuck in your head for days on end. How does he do it? Heaven Only Knows…

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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