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Mwasiti trades lawyer conveyancing for music making on ‘Your Love’

When you picture a Newcastle-based conveyancing lawyer – what picture pops into your head? It may not conjure up the image of a powerful Pop star diva at first, but in the very special case of the burgeoning mega star Mwasiti – it would be spot on with pinpoint precision! Seeing her operate in her day-to-day career you might not imagine it – but the artist’s most recent single – ‘Your Love‘ – which is out now – leaves no doubt that there is much more to Mwasiti than what meets the eye!

With an undeniable passion for arts and culture, Mwasiti earned herself a 6-year scholarship from performing arts during her junior school years in Kenya – her native country – by representing her school at national drama competitions and winning numerous trophies before relocating over to Uganda in order to pursue her own degree qualification in law.

The now-northern lass Mwasiti is influenced musically by the global world that has always been involved in her outlook and world view, and it was her travels to Kenya and Uganda that she discovered her greatest love – a passion for music and live performance whilst singing as part of a local indie band.

Approaching the design of her singles with the same determination as the court cases that she handles, she incorporates soulful influences of old and new into her sound captured from her ever-present surroundings. Her resulting roots are firm in afropop and worldbeat, while crafting a unique sonic identity of its own.

Changing the grey skies of our seasonally Autumnal weather for a vibe of bright Summer romance and light-hearted fun, Mwasiti transports listeners to something altogether tropical at the gentle heights of summer for ‘Your Love’. An understated track bolstered by polished electronic beats and light jazz elements where groovy electronic synths and percussive keys aid her in contemplating the romance between herself and an unknown partner.

Meanwhile, the accompanying music video thematically pushes these ideas further, depicting a visual piece where she is singing beside two excellent beach singers, with the editing cutting between her and her whirlwind fantasy of a love interest. Bursting with an exotic flair, Mwasiti’s ‘Your Love’ is the perfect single for any listener longing for the summer during October.

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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