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iLana Armida puts her music business degree to good use on sensational single ‘Hung Up’

“iLana certainly possesses the vocal talent and writing nous necessary for a successful solo career. Whether putting out fast-flowing rhythms or slower, romantic passages, her delivery is fluid, warm and highly appealing!” – Music News

The chances are that you have unconsciously heard iLana Armida’s music before, since she has songwriting and production credits with Doja Cat, Common and Etana. Now, however, the fast-emerging, impossibly fun and socially conscious future Pop mega star has stepped into the front of the frame yet again for her newest single – ‘Hung Up‘ – which is out now.

iLana Armida is a proud advocate for mental health and prides herself on taking short breaks away from the industry for respite when the stress gets a little bit over-burdening for her. She has often encountered sexist issues that still linger in the improving music industry too, and she deals with the condescending attitudes that accompany a young girl making a name for herself with bold moves. She prides herself on a savvy nature – given to her by earning a degree in Music Business – and she is cemented as simply not one to be taken advantage of.

Another issue that she feels very passionate about is the legalization of the drug THC – as she has numerous members in her family who use it to treat chronic pain illness. She is also in touch with the controversy surrounding the subject because she can enjoy the drug on-stage with her fanbase, but there are still mass incarcerations for BAME minorities in the prison system. She has a mission to raise awareness for the issue while promoting the responsible and healthy consumption of THC.

Being of mixed heritage herself, iLana Armida remains ethically ambiguous and draws from rich global influences, a notion that allows her to release music that transcends stereotypes to any particular location, and she promotes a spirit of inclusivity in all of her actions.

Having garnered over 7.7m streams on Spotify for the songs that she writes, while sonically exploring her own optimistic and joyful synth tones, iLana Armida’s personal goal is to create music that invites all to feel welcome, accepted and able to have a little fun. Having performed alongside John K and Lil Dicky, iLana Armida absolutely has the know-how and experience to craft a multi-million selling pop track.

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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