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Steady Rollin’ – ‘Cause I Love You More’

“With a trio you’re forced to play the best you can because nothing is hidden. It brings out the best in us.”

Fernando Poma (Lead Vocalist) of Steady Rollin’

Salvadorian Power-Pop trio Steady Rollin’ release their latest single – ‘Cause I Love You More’ – a whirlwind showcase of the band’s vibrant abilities. To live up to their eye-catching namesake, the group rolls through momentous Bass with a track that will have you pumping your fist while tugging at your heart strings in equal parts. Steady Rollin’ is comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Fernando Poma, bassist and backing vocalist Gerardo Pardo, and drummer/percussionist Benjamin Andrade. Their frontman – Poma – has been playing live music for as long as he can remember and he draws from his burning passion for experimenting with different guitars. Andrade’s big fascination started with classic rock bands like Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Rush who all inspired him to establish several successful bands of his own including Alter Ego, Ultraviolet and Kroma. These days, his time is typically divided between his role in Steady Rollin’ and his role as Yamaha’s Music’s Salvadorian drumming representative. Pardo, meanwhile, is regarded as a guitar hero of El Salvador’s underground rock scene because he aids bands to play live around around the capital, San Salvador, by giving them a lucky chance to do so.

Telling the story of a long-term relationship with an undying romance, the lead vocalist and guitarist Fernando Poma’s lyrics bear the band’s signature vulnerability that has endeared to audiences across South America and far beyond. With their most deeply personal track yet, Poma has set the picture for the emerging trio to all shine in their own ways on the new single ‘Cause I Love You More’, which tells a narrative of a man who is heartbroken when seeing his love in a relationship that was appreciated by a love interest.

‘Cause I Love You More’ opens with a spiked stripped back guitar riff from frontman Poma, and Steady Rollin’ evidently wear their original Blues Rock influences on their sleeves before leading into an odyssey through powerful riffs, pounding drum notes, and bombastic Bass beats, as the song weaves through its different sections at an unapologetic pace.

‘Cause I Love You More’ finally marks the cherry on the top of another extraordinary year for the alarmingly rising act, coming right off the back of their debut album – ‘Love & Loss’ – that brought Steady Rollins’ forward-thinking lyricism to worldwide audiences altogether. Their incredible antics have seen the band tour through Costa Rica and Columbia at ease, and they have amassed over five million views for their track’s visual pieces on the YouTube platform. These achievements put the band’s passion and no filter attitudes to the forefront of inevitable attention, firmly displaying the trio’s technological trickery and focusing on the instrumental sections of the trio’s craft. On the whole – this is a return to straightforward Rock ‘N’ Roll that still packs a punch!

“Powerful riffs, strong drums with vibrant bass lines, and blues-infused lyrics by lead singer Fernando Poma, are complemented by the passionate and desperate music of the rock trio”

Rolling Stone (Columbia)

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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