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City Weezle return to the limelight with ‘No. 2’

One third Rock Fusion, one third Alternative Metal and one third Funk Rock, all dressed with a wry smile and a nightmare topped off with a pretty bow, City Weezle are the multi-national Groove Metal band bursting back to the UK’s underground rock scene while taking no prisoners with their aptly titled new sophomore album release – ‘No. 2‘. The line-up consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Simon Fleury, drummer/percussionist Ai Uchida, bassist Kengo Mochzuki and keyboardist Axel Steinbiss. Not only that, but ‘No. 2’ also includes a diverse array of head-spinning guest contributions across a variety of Piano, Organ, Harpischord and String arrangements throughout a stacked track listing. One of the notable collaborators is the Break Core star Igorr (who has amassed over 30M views on YouTube for his tracks and has earned over 148.9K monthly streams on Spotify) who co-produced the hotly tipped album.

Less chaotic than their debut album – ‘Taboo’ – and more focused on smartly incorporating some more catchy hooks amongst the chaotic insanity of the hard rock sounds, City Weezle have gloriously returned from a long hiatus, and this sense of absence has made the heart grow fonder, as we all say. The group seem to have worked tirelessly on perfecting their craft for this time around, endeavoring to achieve some fresh instrumental mastery and reach new technical heights amongst the vibrant and detailed backdrops of the record. The project of City Weezle was originally founded in France by Fleury, who reached out to his connections in countries like Japan, Ireland, France and Germany to export worldwide and reach broad global outreach.

Satirizing dark and classical Fantasy sounds with a Metal twists on their two previous singles – ‘Captain Introspective’ and ‘The Underground In Europe’ – the Metal Fusion quartet blend some different genres together and flex their punk muscles on the album’s latest focus track – ‘She’s A Stomper’. From its opening Drum stabs to it’s continous brooding guitar melodies, the track sinks is hooks into anybody who dares to hear it. It rewards them with Fleury’s haunting vocals tying together very punchy guitar riffs and harsh, propulsive Drum stabs that, when combined, sends shocks through you like a lightning bolt. With the album’s release on 3rd December, 2021 and City Weezle poised to take their art to the stages of many festivals in the years to come, fans of truly original Rock music are certainly going to be in for a treat.

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

Global Press Coverage

“City Weezle has elements of Beefheart and Frank Zappa that make a welcome relief to singer songwriter-dom and Guitar band-isms.”

Hot Press Magazine (Ireland)

“The Prog songs of this incredible band jump seamlessly through metal funk and an array of styles all while making it sound very natural.”

– Longueur D’Ondes (France)

“City Weezle plays a metal, fusion, psychobilly twisted mix that is sure to be a favourite of avid Twisted Hillbilly Readers.”

– Twisted Hillbilly Magazine (USA)

“There are some Crimson notions in there and certainly the influence of Frank Zappa is present. There’s this gigantic funky sound that seems to be present just about everywhere on this album.”

– Dutch Prog Rock Page (The Netherlands)

“They describe their sound as swinging, grooving rock with a sharp punky edge. All I know is with these 12 songs, the outcasts and forward thinkers will go bonkers over City Weezle. Brilliant.”

– Eternal Terror (Norway)

“City Weezle have blended their influences into a surprisingly cohesive sound. The musicianship is excellent, and the songs are well crafted.”

– Progressive World (USA)

“The band is all over the musical map delving into hard rock, metal, funk, jazz, prog, opera, fusion and probably a few more genres that I missed. There is no denying the band displays exemplary musicianship and there is something about their quirky nature that is charming.”

– Sea Of Tranquility (USA)

“The pieces proposed are very enjoyable in addition to being well played and having a well characterized choice of sounds, there is a certain care in the arrangements: Odd tempos, well executed cuts and a voice that seems to come directly from a madhouse criminal.”

– Hard Sounds.it (Italy)

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