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‘Zen Dub’ Takes Listeners on Journey Through World Sounds and Electronic’s Furthest Stretches on ‘Enigma’

“I use many world instruments in my productions and blend them with electronic sounds including synths/drums/basslines. Its a refreshing take that I don’t hear many artists doing these days, it brings the modern & the ancient together in a beautiful fusion of sounds”

Zen Dub (Kai Norton)

Zen Dub (aka Kai Norton) follows the success of his earlier two albums with the highly anticipated new album release – ‘Enigma’ – a collection of tracks that, much like the DJ behind the decks, are hard to put in a box. Part world music, part electronic and part meditative – the 10-track collection pulls his large variety of influences from globe-trotting adventures with a sound that distills the nature of adventure and exploration, both inwards and out. The new album is a sonic journey that, simply put, encourages listeners near and far to take a breath, move away from the bustle of modern life and to simply be in the moment.

The album’s final single before release – on September 24th via Sentience Records – opens up with cinematic, booming string arrangements and low-pitched electronic pulses that serve as the heartbeat that brings the single to life. Sounds of nature set the mood for the ethereal vocals, haunting yet soft electronic guitar and the Asian-influenced woodwinds before Western horn sections are introduced for the sonic fusion of West meets East. The literally geographical journey behind the album’s production leads the listeners on a trans-formative journey of their own, encouraging them to look inwards as well as back to the House music scene that Zen Dub so confidently carries the torch on for.

“His is a spiritual sound, forever on a quest to finesse that perfect balance between musical deepness and the crisp rhythmic patter of drum and bass”


The new album – ‘Enigma’ – navigates through Dubstep, Chillout, Minimalist, Lo-Fi, 90’s Dance and fully loaded ambient instrumentals to fully create the electronic space’s most exciting new project. Between music inspired by his time in Western Asia and Latin America, Zen Dub uses production ranging from Moog Sub 37 synthesizers to recordings taken from a field, and aims to fulfill his mission of introducing a sense of mindfulness to the UK’s Drum and Bass scene, as he continues to quickly become one of the genre’s most exciting and important prospects.

Words By Jacob Braybrooke

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