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The Royal Belgian Conspiracy sparks intrigue with ‘The Programming Is Wrong’

“I wanted to write a song that takes listeners on a ride, with every verse having a different feel whilst remaining true to the melody and mood of the song. The song is about waking up one day and realizing that you are in a very different place to where you thought you ever would be, something akin to waking up inside your dreams and being stuck there”


Based in the Melbourne and Canberra cities of Australia, The Royal Belgian Conspiracy are an alternative folk group led by lead singer Moozy, who is no stranger to the music industry. His father was a ‘one-hit wonder’ with the single ‘Savez-Vous Danser Sans Souliers‘ in Belgium, although he was never to release another track. Watching his father dance around the house and learning how to play the Guitar at a young age sparked an interest for Moozy in creating his own music, which led to him cutting his teeth busking in the London Underground. Now a self-fulfilled songwriter with Belgian roots, Moozy is finally set to release the debut studio album ‘Ghosts & Whispers‘ for his band The Royal Belgian Conspiracy, and he presents the lead single ‘The Programming Is Wrong‘ to us today, a harrowing blend of Sufjan Stevens, Villagers and Bon Iver.

Harkening back to Explosions In The Sky and Super Furry Animals in the pseudo Post-Punk elements of Moozy’s darkly folk-oriented direction, ‘The Programming Is Wrong‘ uses vulnerability to its full advantage, luring the listener in to the hypnotic beats as an outcome. His lyrics explore the ideas of waking up one morning and realizing that you are in a very different place to where you thought you would ever be, like being inside your dreams and feeling stuck in that space, and so he reflects on mortality and fresh beginnings with an air of acknowledging his flaws, while promising to keep learning through his life’s experience. These ideas develop over the top of a plaintive acoustic guitar that brings an intimate quality to his more relaxed lyrics, and a thumping set of Piano notes that mix with the wistful Horn sections to find something altogether more grand in size and scope, representing how the way forwards is not always clear.

Check out ‘The Programming Is Wrong’ on Spotify Here!

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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Website: www.theroyalbelgianconspiracy.com
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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC74sdLvOyoFS1ba1haKiFWw

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