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iLana Armida returns with ‘Fly’

“It centers around the idea that I know that I shouldn’t be playing with my ex’s emotions so much – but I just can’t help myself – it’s just so Fly when we are together”

iLana Armida

Having racked up to over 7.6m streams on Spotify for the songs that she writes, while sonically riffing on a signature vibe of optimistic melodies and joyful lyricism, iLana Armida is a fast-emerging indie Pop singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, but of a mixed heritage, which she likes to describe as “ethnically ambiguous”, and she uses her background to draw from global music influences that result in likeable beats that transcend the qualities of any one particular location, promoting the spirit of inclusivity in all of her actions. She has penned singles for several household names like Doja Cat, Common Kings and Etana, and she has toured with urban superstars Lil’ Dicky and John K in her short breaks away from songwriting. Her latest single is ‘Fly’, a relatable Pop anthem that uses satirical humor to touch on a new element of youth for the subject matter of revisiting failed relationships that she happily discusses. Give her a spin below.

Riding off the back of a chilled tempo to make a blissful Pop melody, the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter questions her own feelings towards dating a former love interest for a second time, and taking a step back from the potential toxicity of seeing someone you already knew before, as Armida constantly ponders the reasons of why she feels so, as she puts it, ‘Fly’, when she is near to this particular person. Her production lends itself to the more intimate space of her usually not quite-as-serious craft that can be usually reserved for Bedroom Pop music, with intricate harmonies that veer into a Soulful vocal style that builds a slightly dream-like atmosphere, calling back to the trials and tribulations of romance inside her mind. She sings sweetly above the top of minimalist Piano notes and a gently pulsating bassline, as a percussive drum beat drives the melodicism forwards just a touch. This is a neatly decorated R&B-style anthem that boasts a cheeky playfulness that will resonate with her audience, who don’t take everything so seriously.

iLana Armida is also an advocate for mental health charities, and she also prides herself on never being afraid to take a break from the industry when everything gets a bit much for her. She has often rubbed shoulders with sexism in the industry, so she has dealt with the condescending attitudes that accompany a young girl seeking to make a name for herself. She has a music business degree and prides herself on her savvy nature – not one to be taken advantage of. She also feels very passionately about her advocacy for legal THC usage, as she has several family members who use it to treat chronic pain. She’s also in touch with the complexity surrounding the issue, as she can enjoy the drug responsibly with her crowds on stage, but there are still mass incarcerations for BAME minorities in the Prison system, and so she wants to raise awareness for this issue whilst promoting it’s healthy consumption. In short – iLana Armida is all about creating art that invites all to be welcome, feel accepted, and have a little fun.

Listen To ‘Fly’ via Google Drive here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r4yuwKETACFddy0k76tTvBBx-B2mNFER/view?usp=sharing

“iLana certainly possesses the vocal talent and writing nous necessary for a successful solo career. Whether putting out fast-flowing rhymes or slower, romantic passages, her delivery is fluid, warm and highly appealing.”

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Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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