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iLana Armida, unorthodox Pop sensation, shares a slick story of warm summer loving on her fresh new single ‘Summertime Love’

“In a time where the idea of the traditional record deal seems to be breaking down, ILana is releasing music through her own entertainment company. iLana has taken control of her career and is blazing a trail for female pop artists to do things THEIR WAY” – The Hype Magazine

Los Angeles-based future pop icon, iLana Armida, gives her own refreshing new rendition of a love story as old as time on ‘Summertime Love‘, her new single. The new single showcases her dedication to craft that has seen iLana Armida build up over 7.6m streams on Spotify for the songs that she writes. Having written music for several popular artists, including Doja Cat, Common Kings and Etana, and having performed alongside several mainstream stars, including John K and Lil Dicky, Armida certainly has the experience and know-how to create the next big pop chart-storming track, which she undoubtedly could do with many upcoming singles to come.


With a summertime 00’s sound that calls back to girl groups like Bewitched and TLC, but with a Synth-based instrumental that adds a modern warmth to the polished production style, iLana Armida borders between romantic fantasy and softly sexual tension as the slow build grows into an involving, smooth sound that conveys a light of sunshine through the subdued warmth of the backing beat and her mellow, harmony-based vocals. The airy synths and the slick R&B basslines envelop listeners into the easy-going but passionate nature that has come to define the character that her fans all know and love. Armida herself, of mixed heritage, remains an ‘ethnically ambiguous’ songwriter. She draws on global influences, which results in music that transcends restrictions to any one location, promoting a spirit of inclusivity in all that she does. iLana Armida creates art that invites all to be welcome, feel accepted, and have a little bit of fun at the same time.

“I sing songs that incorporate multiple languages and genres purposefully so that people of all cultures and backgrounds and ethnicities can feel connected to the music… I want everyone to feel accepted and united” – iLana Armida

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Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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