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Worlds Collide With The Unlikely Duo Of True Religion On Their Latest Single ‘Que Bonita’

The surprising duo of True Religion, consisting of a DJ and a neuroscientist, 30 years old and 50 years old, create something incredibly refreshing that deserves to be heard around the world. Featuring the virtuosic flamenco guitarist Juan Carmona and the distinctly gifted lead vocalist Amy Gill, the duo find their own cohesive strength and versatility as a double act on their latest single ‘Que Bonita‘ – where they pull out all of the stops to effectively and distinctively carve out a unique niche for themselves amidst an evolving underground dance scene to create this very danceable and infectiously funky hit.

“True Religion is the truth about ourselves, about how we can handle things, the emotion of being alive and feeling the others, about how we can manage difficult situations, by being kind, conscious, by practicing mindfulness and meditation, by true friendship, by trying to be better persons every day!” – True Religion

Drawing upon Spanish and English influences upon some others (as shown by the mixing of Surf-Rock beach sounds and chilled 90’s House sounds similar to Groove Armada and Kinobe), True Religion serves a refreshing and light-hearted twist on the UK’s underground Techno and Drum ‘N’ Bass scenes with ‘Que Bonita’, which re-configures the duo’s experiences of adventuring across the globe into the forefront of their sonic palette. Working with the relaxed flow of lead vocalist Juan Carmona – the globally-influenced dance duo transition from the dream-like flamenco guitar opening to the House-oriented bass stabs with quiet confidence and a mastered ease. The very prominent Synth stabs, and the laidback female vocals create a bright and hazy summer festival sound that will sound smooth to the ears of any fans of KhruangbinRodrigo AmaranteMyd or Juan Wauters. True Religion softly captures the essence of worlds colliding, both musically and lyrically, into a beautiful cacophony meant to keep the listener more attune to the surrounding world.

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Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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