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Scottish Alt-Rock legend Alan Mair drops the mic and raises the stakes with return single ‘Eyes To The Sky’

Having supported influential bands like The WhoPrimal Scream and The White Stripes, and been supported himself by the likes of Simple Minds and U2, Alan Mair continues to make his ascent to future Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame potential. His involvement with Scottish rockers The Beatstalkers and his further contributions to bands such as The Only Ones and The Al Matthews Band, Mair was instrumental in bringing Scottish music to the masses. Thankfully, he continues to record his own music.

Returning to action with his energetic new single, ‘Eyes To The Sky‘, Alan Mair continues to deliver on his accomplishments (including many festival appearances at Glastonbury and O2 Wireless Festival) that have aided him in honing his diverse skills in preparation for this new time of his career. Driven by the studio skills that he has developed from countless recordings, Mair’s ‘Eyes To The Sky’ was entirely self-produced, self-written and performed. Why accept the help when you don’t need it, after all? Great for big fans of Joy Division or Idles, ‘Eyes To The Sky’ is driven by a harsh, thumping bassline. Joined by a soaring lead guitar hook for the chorus and a potent vocal arrangement that dabbles in 60’s DIY Punk production, ‘Eyes To The Sky’ is a transcendent example of what Mair is capable of: A sonic and lyrical shot of adrenaline.

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Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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