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Zac Hurst links up with viral TikTok stars for emotional ballad ‘Falling In Love On My Own’ after storming the ITunes chart with ‘2020’

A singer-songwriter from East London, Zac Hurst is a star who has been in the limelight ever since he appeared on-stage in the lead role of West-End theatre production ‘Oliver’ with British comedy royalty Rowan Atkinson. Taking from a wide pool of influences, including Bruno Mars and John Mayer, Zac’s main aim is to write catchy songs which are emotionally meaningful to his listeners. Having stormed the iTunes chart with ‘2020’, he has called on viral TikTok couple Shan Willis & Ryan Snellings, with a total combined social media fanbase of over two million followers, to reach his widest audience yet with the modern ballad, ‘Falling In Love On My Own’.

Zac Hurst has always been accustomed to bright lights and sizable crowds, but, during Lockdown, like many artists, he has been forced to use apps like Instagram Live as a replacement for the lack of real, physical performances to audiences. He has been lucky enough to jump onto live streams with Sam HarveyTom Grennan and other huge influencers. The mellow acoustic beats are kept very acoustic, giving Hurst a platform to reflect honestly on the difficulties of dating during a global pandemic or the lack of dating thereof. The relatable lyrics touch upon the contemporary issues of ‘doom scrolling’ through social media tirelessly and comparing your own dating situation to the happiness of others. The finger clicks and the modern Pop production of playful synths keep the sound upbeat, too, showcasing some optimism within his romantic vibes and helping us to relate to the words of his own romantic experiences.

“This project began during the first lockdown. I wanted to write a song about being away from someone you love, without being able to do anything about it… hence ‘Falling In Love On My Own’. I’ve played this song close to 100 times on live streams/live gigs now, with some of my followers knowing all the words, so it’s tried and tested, and I would say this song is probably around a year’s work on and off, which makes it very exciting to finally release.” – Zac Hurst

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Words By Jacob Braybrooke

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