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Intricacy & Complexity Create The Next Step in Prog-Jazz on the Anders Helmerson Trio’s ‘Opus I’

Critically acclaimed Pianist Anders Helmerson leads bassist Lukasz Chula and drummer Juan Meija as The Anders Helmerson Trio ahead of the long-awaited release of their second album: ‘Opus I‘. Its DNA intertwined through Classical music, Folk, Prog-Rock, all that lay between, the album sees the band pay homage to those that came before while progressing Jazz like no other. Unsatisfied with the genre dormant, the trio infuses futurism and technology-inspired philosophy to bring new life to contemporary Jazz. The world’s first Opus in the key of i – this is music like you have never heard before.

“The concept of the letter i, he says, stems from a train of thoughts of random words starting on i as; infinity, improvisation, imagination… where ideas are flowing in a constant stream. My music is conceived in an iworld. The technology support my creative flow, helps me organise my ideas, combining them in different ways, to see it in its entirety, and to define its emotional meaning.” – Anders Helmerson

iSchertzo‘ is the lead track from the new record. A relaxing 6-minute Prog-Jazz piece is built very carefully on an intricate Piano section that drifts freely across the clashing cymbal melodies, the syncopated Drumbeats, and the pulsating bass guitar riffs, with new elements of Math-Rock and Jazz-Fusion being gradually added to the mix. The drastic key changes are made very intellectually, with an overall professionally-produced style that is very good for a rainy day.

These intricacies of composition are where the Anders Helmerson Trio set themselves apart. Compared by a Spotify curator to the complex movements of a 3D geometric puzzle and the paintings of Picasso, ‘Opus I‘ embraces the influences of our technologically rich world.

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Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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