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Brite Spires are bringing the electro-pop sound to fuel your 2021 with ‘Futurist’

Female-fronted four-piece Brite Spires are overflowing with synth-pop style and addictive electronic dance vibes with their upcoming release ‘Futurist’. The track takes influence from Gill Scott-Heron’s ‘The Revolution will not be Televised’ and updates its narrative for the current technological landscape of fast interaction and limitless connection.

‘Futurist’ is a boiling pot of 80s nostalgia, modern pop synth lines and delicate vocals built into dynamic harmonies, adding layers of beauty and power that blend seamlessly. Never losing sight of the essential pop elements, simply adding electronic, synth and dance features to elevate them further, Brite Spires cover all bases for a genre fusion full of memorable riffs and lyrics.

Singer Bella Glanville pinpoints the right tone for her vocal performance, enhancing the instrumental with soft sung and spoken word, creating a fully immersive audio experience. ‘Futurist’ stands out in the trend of nostalgic pop due to its playful energy and ear worm like quality. It’s the perfect track to inject some pep into your post lockdown life.

Make sure to check out Brite Spires here!

Words by Ellen Oakley

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