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Smooth and glossy, Abraham Trai brings us his debut single

Melodic and soulful, singer-songwriter Abraham Trai brings us his debut single ‘The One’.

Ballad-esque, the track is packed full with bright pianos, soft harmonies and some emotive lyricism.

Inspired by some of soulful pop’s greatest artists such as Adele and Lewis Capaldi, Abraham Trai moved to London from his native France to pursue his music dreams.

Watch ‘The One’ music video below-

‘The One’ is a track that display’s Abraham’s minimalist approach; abandoning complex instrumentals for a stripped back piano and glossy vocals.

Abraham’s music is filled with raw emotion and draws on real life experience to create authentic lyricism. Touching track ‘The One’ captures the gut-wrenching feeling of heartbreak, and losing someone you love.

The motive behind Abraham’s music? To remind listeners that they are never alone.

‘The One’ is just a taste of Abraham Trai’s sound that the artist wants to share with the world, with debut album MMXXII expected for release in 2022.

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