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Prog-Rock giants Morpheus Project set to release striking debut album

Hypnotising and captivating, Morpheus Project prepares for the release of debut album Mozaick, coming on 19th March.

Enchanting audiences around the globe, singles Mozaick, Nights to Remember and Cry for Freedom – taken from the debut album – have been relentlessly rocking the waters of the Prog world.

The album teasers have landed Morpheus Project rave reviews and radio play from Prog Magazine, Scala Radio and the BBC to name a few; the anticipation for the album is truly palpable.

Morpheus Project is the solo venture of neo-classic composer and musical maverick Mustafa Khetty. Drawing influence from across the globe, Morpheus Project takes inspiration from the wonders of the Far East, the vibrancy of South America and just about everything in between.

An orchestrator of creativity, Mustafa brings together a wealth of master musicians to create complex and curious soundscapes found throughout the Mozaick album.

Earning himself the esteemed titled of musical renaissance man, Mustafa Khetty has long been making a name for himself in the worlds of Prog and Classical respectively.

Born in Sri Lanka but having spent time in Ireland, the UK, the Middle East and the Far East, Mustafa Khetty’s rich life experience is surely what gives his sound such a worldly feel.

The Rhythm Radar team had the absolute pleasure of listening to a preview of the Moziack album, so let’s dive into some of our favourite tracks from the project.

Dancing With Elves is atmospheric and intense, with this track having us hooked in the first few seconds. Relentless rising synths ease us in to a rolling beat and gritty guitars. Full of wondrous textures, endless instrumental layers and a guitar solo that has us feeling like the star of an action film, Dancing With Elves is Morpheus Project at his very best.

The six minute track brings some light relief to the listener at the half-way point. Acoustic guitars, an elegant flute section and twinkling piano soothe the ear as we prepare for the immense finish.

Waiting is a short yet sweet track from the Moziack project. This single is ballad-esque; hefty vibrato vocals sit over striking string sections, anthemic pianos and rocking guitars. With gritty and dark undertones, this track finds a perfect equilibrium between light and dark, a balance of power and peace all wrapped into a singular soundscape.

In case we haven’t driven home just how diverse a project Moziack is we bring one final highlight. Istanbul Swing is perhaps the most rhythmic single on the Moziack album.

Energetic drums set the hyper tone of this track; Istanbul Swing comes with a heavy dose of layers, textures, and musical madness. Funky, flowing and fervent, Istanbul Swing is a track that would rise us from our deepest slumber.

It is an achievement to be a master of ones sound, but to be a master of so many sounds from around the globe is what sets Morpheus Project out as a maverick in the Prog scene.

Mozaick is a real accomplishment. Oozing intrigue and intensity, the album takes a listener on a rollercoaster ride of striking sounds, rhythms and tones.

We have one word for the Mozaick album, electrifying.

The only way to truly understand the musical mind of Morpheus Project, is to the listen to his masterpiece for yourself.

Tipped as a genius in the Prog scene, Morpheus Project is a true boundary pusher. Working without limitations, Mustafa Khetty throws the rule book out the window to create genre-bending, dazzling tracks that have us bewitched.

With the world of Prog well and truly under his spell, Morpheus Project is a name you better get used to hearing.

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