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Review: Capo Lee and Micofcourse Come Together To Create One Of The Freshest Grime Tracks of 2018

Genre: Grime, MC

FFO: Skepta, JME, Chip

Rating: 7/10

Two of the hottest MCs on the London grime scene at the moment, Micofcourse and Capo Lee go back to back on this Alpha.Redd produced track, aptly names ‘Of Course’.

The instrumental is dark and edgy, cutting across the beat to produce a sound that is suitably gritty, and Alpha.Redd shows off his talent for production. Both rappers have serious flow, but the real strength of the track is the way they are able to bounce off each other seamlessly. Grime collaborations, particularly those featuring MCs as young as these two, can often feel clunky and forced, even when their individuals bars are strong. ‘Of Course’, however, never feels disjointed, highlighting just how skilled these two men are.

The message of the track is a positive one, and instead of spitting bars about violence and bitches, they talk about their experiences navigating the London music scene without a plan, grafting for everything they’ve got. Both men talk about how they have no time for the negativity that so many young MCs buy into: ‘you ain’t got talk no trap of course… I could never hate on a man of course’. This is grime for those who prefer to keep it real, focus on themselves, and send out good vibes.

That being said, at points the themes explored can seem a bit generic: after all, every London rapper seems to be talking about how they’ve worked their way up from the bottom. This is always going to be the case in the grime community however, with so many of these young MCs actually making their name out of nothing. Indeed, it is part of the reason the genre has remained so genuine despite experiencing considerable mainstream and critical attention. Micofcourse and Capo Lee are rapping about what they know, and it feels real.

Overall, ‘Of Course’ feels fresh and accomplished, which is no mean feat in a genre that can seem saturated with underground talent. Listen to it now.


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