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Urban Interviews: Reed Blue

Reed Blue is certainly a name to keep your ear to the floor for. As the chill-hop riser treats us to a revised version of his previous hit, Shadow Trip, with a tighter focus on the song’s core message of cutting through the noise and chaos of modern life. We dug a little deeper chatting to the man behind the moniker…

UR: How did you get into music in the first place?

I used to like a lot hip hop/rap music of the early 1990s and that is when I started with rapping.

UR: Did you have other goals/dreams if it wasn’t going to be music?

Music has always been my dream and my passion. At the moment I cannot live yet of it but my dream is to live of that. I believe music is life and life is driven by “frequencies and energies”.

UR: How do you spend most of your spare time outside of music?

When I do not work and not doing music, I like to see programs that teach and give information, especially in the fields of esoterism and spirituality, doing and teaching Tai Chi, going out with friends and walking. Also doing nothing sometimes is goods to restore the energies and resting.

UR: If you could share the stage with a deceased music star who would it be and why?

I cannot really answer this question. Since my music may vary from noise to abstract beats with or without voice it is difficult to tell. It depends of the type of music. For example, if I consider trip hop music, probably MF Doom could be one of the music stars I would share the stage with. Or for experimental/abstract music a deceased music star could be Franco Battiato.

UR: What’s your method for discovering new music?

I do not really have a method anymore. Some years ago I liked to read “The Wire” magazine and listen to random music on sites like “Last FM”. Nowadays I do not really follow regularly what comes out. From time to time I can listen to random music on Spotify or other online radios. Other times, it can happen I discover something new simply by speaking with friends doing music and DJs.

UR: What did you learn about yourself as a musician from writing/remastering Shadow Trip?

As I have written before, to remain focused, not to be distracted. We all can do more for a growth of ourselves if we are not distracted continually by the tv, media, and everything surrounding us. We need to focus on what makes us happy and in peace.

UR: What has been the reaction to the track so far?

Well, people who listened to it, I refer mainly to my friends, they all liked it. In terms of numbers of listens on the web I do not know yet. I have noticed that there are some listens but I would expect more. But this is because I know that this track is not of a wider taste as for example my last single “Shining (remastered)” that is gaining more attention. “Shining” has also few messages that we also need in this period we live in, such as “love” and “good men exist”.

Shadow Trip (Remastered) is available now everywhere! Check out Reed Blue’s socials below:

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