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Radar Reviews: Thunderor – ‘How We Roll’

Heavy metal is a genre that feels like a tale as old as time, yet it is also one that has crossed over to several different demographics of people, in one form or another, throughout the decades. Pitched in the same lane as “Pop, but with heavy chords” to some audiences – the likes of Metallica and Iron Maiden have each been appealing to contemporary adult audiences who churn out new albums continuously to decent sales figures and reviews, despite little radio airplay. Meanwhile, the likes of Korn and System Of A Down have paved the way for the millennial generation to find an entry point to the genre during the late-90’s and early-00’s by combining Hip-Hop influences and candid, do-it-yourself Punk elements into their production.

It is difficult, therefore, for a new band who are looking to etch their name in the category to find their own niche and establish originality as time wares on. Thankfully, for the three-piece metal newcomers Thunderor – a band based in the heart of Canada – it is an ambitious task they are rising up to the challenge for with a calm confidence in their stride by looking back in order to think forwards.

Signed to the independent hard rock and metal specialist label Boonsdale Records – who are also responsible for successful acts like Of Hatred Spawn and Final Trigger – Thunderor’s work has been said by the band to share an ideology where head-banging 80’s rock and wearing leather vests as an ode to adventure with their heart rooted in the friendship. Their latest single is ‘How We Roll’, a track that has come to define the ideas behind the group’s creativity.

The single heralds the arrival of their debut album – ‘Fire It Up’ – which is slated for release on 18th February, 2022 – a nine track LP release that brings to life the songwriter’s dreams of swapping casual office wear for a more dauntless lifestyle. Accompanied by a music video showing off frontman JJ Targalia’s love for motorcycles, it is no wonder that his passions for the vehicles has seen him featured in Adventure Bike Rider as a regular fixture. Fans of the metal genre may also recognize his bandmate Jonny Nesta from being a member of the prior veteran 3-piece Skull Fist.

Tagalia says of the track, “I quit my day job, freeing me to go on tours and chase my dreams. Now I’m writing music to inspire others to do the same with big hooks, sing-along choruses and stadium worthy anthems.“, adding in his discussion about the forthcoming album, “The songs on the album are meant to inspire a life journey – an adventure with friends, motorcycles, romance, danger and victory. I hope it will be a soundtrack for your adventures“.

Geared towards enamored fans of Judas Priest and Saxon, ‘How We Roll’ is a mission statement for the poignant and insightful aspirations behind the upstart band as a wider musical project. Using old-school production with quantized drums and pitch correction, Thunderor looks towards escapism and fantasy for inspiration as key themes behind the all-important leading single. Boating attitude in abundance with some chugging guitar riffs and blending some infectious hooks with a hint of 70’s Glam-Rock that calls back to T-Rex and Mott The Hoople as slight influencers, Thunderor aren’t afraid to introduce psychedelic synth loops into their sonic palette to give their electrifying riffs a more post-modern underlayer, as opposed to relying on nostalgia.

Overall, ‘How We Roll’ is a fine anthem for letting those good times roll and following your heart, albeit with a life-affirming motorcycled blaze of courage, as you get your gang and just let loose.

Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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EU Tour Dates

11.3.22 – Rockclub Nordbayern – Selb, Germany

12.3.22 – Divadlo Pod Carou – Pisek, Czech

13.3.22 – Bambi Galore – Hamburg, Germany

14.3.22 – Stengade – Copenhagen, Denmark

15.3.22 – TBA – Berlin, Germany

16.3.22 – Kasseturm – Weimar Germany

17.3.22 – Don’t Panic – Essen, Germany

18.3.22 – Goldgrube – Kassel, Germany

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