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Urban Interviews: The Mad Game

We had the privilege to chat to rising stars, The Mad Game, on their story, future and volleyball aspirations…

UR: How did you get into music in the first place?

Sudo: I got thrown into classical music when I was about five. I learnt the piano, the violin, some theory and singing. When I was thirteen I started on music technology and massively neglected my studies to focus on music. I then accidentally fell into the industry with a publishing contract.

Karla: it’s a nice thing to do when you’re a child, to sing, to dream and be happy. I was recruited into the Mickey Mouse Club in Ukraine (no relationship to Disney). This was a kid girl band and then things just took off from there. My first solo project began when I was fourteen. It was a turning point for me.

Sonya: All my relatives have done music, either professionally and as part of our education. So I was born into it and it always came naturally to me.

UR: Did you have other goals/dreams if it wasn’t going to be music?

Sudo: My goal is not music. My passion is to solve problems. This project is just one of those problems.

Karla: Professional volleyball player.

Sonya: Psychologist. It’s somewhat part of what I do now with these two, anyway.

UR: How do you spend most of your spare time outside of music?

Sudo: what spare time?

Karla: what is spare time?

Sonya: why can’t time spare us?

UR: If you could share the stage with a deceased music star who would it be and why?

Karla: Michael Jackson. I knew one of his managers and his energy is legendary. Every track had to be special and every step is prepared and planned. His performances are legendary.

Sonya: Freddy Mercury. Do I even need to explain why?

Sudo: Nope. Stagefright.

UR: What’s your method for discovering new music?

The same as everyone we suspect: word of mouth, algorithmic suggestions, listening to podcasts and DJ sets, radio, blogs…

UR: How did the name ‘The Mad Game’ come about?

Sudo: that was Sonya. She’s the name genius.

Sonya: It’s the closest we could come to describing life in general without resorting to expletives. Every person’s life is a Mad Game.

UR:What would you say each member brings to the team in a musical sense?

Sudo sculpts the form, Karla brings the colour and texture and Sonya polishes the whole while giving direction throughout the process. Sudo is really the foundation in terms of music. He will produce the beats and the sounds, create the main thread of the track. Karla will find melodies and together they can produce lyrical ideas. Sonya essentially does the fine tuning, checking sounds, mixes, vocal and melodic ideas…nothing gets released if it does not pass her perfect ear.

UR: Would you say your music holds a particular purpose?

Sudo: Yes. Freedom, truth and love…these are the things worth fighting for. The rest is just a Mad Game.

Karla: We should really stop taking many things quite so seriously.

Sonya: Good music is a purpose.

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