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Radar Reviews: Sunday Sanctuary – Kiey

For someone attempting to break out from beneath obscurity and into the limelight, the lead single on any sort of musical project is utterly critical. It’s a ‘first impression’ that is often impossible to recover from and, especially for those under the radar, taking any misstep could be the difference between success and permanent failure. Emerging electro-pop legend Kiey has thankfully hit the nail on the head with the eponymous lead from new EP ‘Sunday Sanctuary Part 1’.

The artist behind such an eclectic canvas is Kiey, the Vietnamese real estate executive who has confided in the world of bright and majestic pop as his own creative outlet. This new entry into the young star’s archives marks a U-Turn in tone as his debut EP ‘Night To Myself’ revealed Kiey in a far darker light than we see today; this, however, has had no bearing on his quality.

Sunday Sanctuary is a glorious and vibrant introduction to the greater project of which it is a vital cog, harnessing soft crashing beats and a delicate arrangement of electronic strings to encase Kiey’s own resonant vocal melodies. The package is completed beautifully by an accompanying video of astounding production value as the warmth and resonance of the track is thrust into gorgeous desert plains allowing the singer’s full vision to be realised.

With that in mind it’s no stretch to say that Kiey has, yet again, painted another captivating first impression, one that will certainly raise his profile up to the higher echelons of the genre and beyond. With the promise of a ‘Sunday Sanctuary Part 2′ assumedly in the pipeline all we can do is wait in avid anticipation.

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