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Radar Reviews: The Mad Game – Game Over

Revolution has a new name, a new face and it’s best that you learn it. Having channelled all their energy into revolting against corruption, power imbalance in their native Ukraine against the backdrop of late and post-soviet rule, animated trio The Mad Game arrive with an indelible warning on single ‘Game Over’. Music has witnessed protest before; but not like this.

Fuelled by a scorching vitriol, The Mad Game is doing their bit to rally legions of fellow rioters as the dawn of their debut EP, ‘Player One’ approaches; ‘Game Over’ is merely the beginning. Now, while their message is deep-rooted in the annals of punk, their sound is far more akin to cyberpunk leanings with erratic electronic scratches and bass notes firing off around the soundscape. It’s a sound that borders on intimidation as it’s soon joined by the unsettling, yet poignant, bars from vocalist and composer Karla.

Her role as the band’s key voice is executed perfectly as ignoring her deliveries, as it ebbs, flows and warbles at the hands of the voice effects, is nigh on impossible. Combined with the various bass drops and rap-centric verse from producer Sudo and The Mad Game perfectly taps into the inner rebellion within us all. The package is neatly completed by an accompanying lyric video that serves to only heighten the already dramatic lyrical content embedded amongst the bleating electronics and does well to put a memorable ‘face’ to our animated anarchists.

With a message as strong as the music itself, this emerging animated three-piece will surely arise as the industry’s next voice for action.

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