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Nomad of Jazz travels, Ido Spak, launches crowdfunder lockdown love inspired soft classical album ‘Epidemic Adventures’

A new romance bloomed for Ido Spak – The Jazz Traveler – in the most unlikely circumstances during the global lockdown periods of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, where he found love over the internet. From that shared experience – ‘Epidemic Love Song’ and the beginnings of the ‘Epidemic Adventures’ were born.

As a fully independent artist, Ido Spak has been looking to crowdfund the project which offers his music lessons, previous albums and his live performances to his supporters. Originally from Isreal, Spak felt a calling to music and he travelled the world in search of new sounds and exciting rhythms, landing in places like Syria and Kurdistan, where he worked with local musicians to destroy boundaries, politically and culturally, with collaborative art.

During the production of his previous album – ‘In A Hot Distant Land’ – Ido Spak was left with back and rib injuries following a critical incident, but his fiery spirit lives on in the same tenacity that he’s been working on new music with.

To those who may still be on the fence, Ido Spak has offered the single ‘Dror Yirka’ from his previous album to wet the appetite of his followers for the next chapter of his career, where he has exposed himself to global musical ideologies which have truly influenced the upcoming project, which draws from traditional Kurdish and Jewish folk music.

The new album is said to guide listeners on a journey by Ido Spak, a global adventure that eases the listener through wide cultural and global influences, including the melody and rhythm focus of the Middle East, the technical prowess of the British classical music circuit, and also the erratic nature of New York’s Jazz icons. To put it simply, Ido Spak draws on his well-travelled life for a wholly personal and unique Jazz experience. Don’t miss out!

“Constantly shifting in tone and texture and never less than thrilling” – Top40-charts.com

“I was born in Israel into war and my dream as a child has always been to bring peace and build bridges” – Ido Spak

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Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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