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Tara Lord brings her single ‘Praying’ to life with the recently released music video

Hyper feminine rap overflowing with emotion and power, ‘Praying’ is the latest release from hip-hop and songwriting prodigy Tara Lord. Acting as her second-ever official release, ‘Praying’ does a beautiful job of acting as not only an introduction to the masses to her style but also a beacon of solidarity to those who suffer from mental health and its outlying effects through the recent global pandemic. The track is a true artists expression of not only the stark reality but how creative outlets can be more than a simple auditory experience.

“Praying” official music video

The newest addition to the stunning single is the official music video, directed by ‘The KNemesis’; the video features Lord in a main character capacity. Focusing on the songwriter exclusively highlights not only her skill as a lyricist but also as a performer. She perfectly matches the energy of the track through action shots as well as stylised transitions whilst pouring her soul into each word uttered. Simple in concept and slick in execution, it elevates the single to new heights with plenty of flair and personality.

“Praying is a very emotional song for me, I expressed what I was feeling in the moment and kinda just let it all out in the booth. I wrote the song while I was having a mental breakdown and put all my frustration into words. A lot of people’s mental health, including mine, has been suffering due to the pandemic and I feel like this song expresses that well.” – Tara Lord

Overall, ‘Praying’ is uplifting whilst retaining an addictive edge, removing it from the realm of pandering and straight into real life. Tara Lord does a stellar job of presenting a solid front as she weaves the tale of coming back after dealing with a bout of self-sabotage. The single itself and the music video convey a sense of empowerment that will fill you with pride and get your body moving along.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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