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9-piece musical force seeyousoon tease a second album with the single “NO DAYLIGHT”

From the upcoming album HZLIKEHELL, seeyousoon are a Florida based music collective that oozes style, authority and presence with their single ‘NO DAYLIGHT’, which acts as a stark introduction to their second album. After the notable debut VIDÉ in 2020, which brought atmospheric tracks and slick production to the forefront, listeners should be more than excited for the follow-up, and ‘NO DAYLIGHT’ is an excellent taste of what’s to come.

Official video of ‘NO DAYLIGHT’

With a solid electronic sound acting as a grounding base, seeyousoon creates a standout listening experience by highlighting each talented member’s specialities whilst maintaining a cohesive overall product. Sharp lyricism, darker-toned beats and varied vocal performances work well together, producing a perfect reflection of a disoriented existence, further portrayed in the accompanying music video. With an already justified presence in the music world, seeyousoon have taken the opportunity to fully explore the extents of their creativity, which is exciting in itself. Still, with an imaginative force of nine separate artists, there truly is no limit and where the collective could take this upcoming album.

 “NO DAYLIGHT” is the first single from our second album. Our descent into true form. Welcome to the show. The single was inspired by Berlin’s electronic music scene. When we sat down to produce the track, there was a convention by the name of Mussikmesse taking place in Germany at the time. One of our producers was keeping up with the coverage of the event and felt inspired to make a track that pulled a lot of energy from Germany’s rich history in dance music culture.” – seeyousoon

Overall, ‘NO DAYLIGHT’ is able to create an experience far grander than a simple single, alternatively generating a dark yet addictive soundscape that seeps into the listener and holds their attention. It is more than a hopeful sign for their second album and should be heard as an announcement of seeyousoon’s skill, talent and audacity.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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