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juuku is back with the adrenaline filled ‘Icarus’

Dropped August 2nd, ‘Icarus’ is the newest addition to juuku’s impressive collection of single releases, dating all the way back to August 2019. The electronic artist uses the track to demonstrate cohesive layering, strong pacing and hair raising drops, producing an ethereal soundscape that fits right into a high octane sci-fi cinematic experience.

Surround by an intriguing air of mystery, the artist continues from his recent milestone of surpassing 70k monthly listeners on Spotify with his latest original single. Going from strength to strength, juuku has also just wrapped on his debut performance in Texas (Houston, to be specific), proving that his stage presence fills more than just a streaming platform.

I’ve been searching for a new sonic landscape to add onto my vision. I’ve pushed myself more and more every single day just to find a sonic emotion that describes me at this stage of my career. Icarus pushes these boundaries for me, and i’m able to find a new dimension to the music that has made me whole” – juuku

‘Icarus’ is genuinely an experimental projection of juuku’s vision and even further beyond. The track holds a controlled power as it slowly builds in intensity and layers, spiralling into a tremendous explosion of bombastic electronic beats after the drop. Throughout echoing vocals can be heard ebbing in and out, highlighting breaks in the wall of sound and grounding the track’s direction. Each time the song builds, its uses of volume can be heard expertly coming into play, bleeding into a repeating phrase that closes out the three-minute auditory experience.

Overall, ‘Icarus’ is a track that feels bigger than itself, and juuku does a wonderful job of creating a driven electronic piece that holds intensity and emotional capability. This is why he should be watched as a rising act of this year and a new face in the genre.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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