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Kaelin Ellis breaks through dull soundscapes with latest EP ‘REMNANTS’

‘REMNANTS’  is the latest release from producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist  Kaelin Ellis. The five-track EP is a masterful compilation of elements (lo-fi, hip-hop, electronic etc.) that meld together to form a cohesive soundscape steeped in finesse and flair whilst never relying on lyricism to deliver a punch.

Featuring Kkami (from seeyousoon) and Outlaw The Artist in the form of some stellar co-production, each track grabs the audience and confronts them with pure musical power. The opening song ‘UH, UH’ is the perfect introduction for what people can expect from the rest of the EP; controlled, slick and addictive; not only does it set the tone but also allows listeners to fully immerse themselves from the word go. Rich and chock full of notable genre tropes, it fills up the space it creates impressively but never feels like it lacks a vocal performance, producing highs, lows and tonal shifts alike with clever layers and talented production. Each track flows effortlessly into one another, making the EP read like one long musical piece, which further creates a sense of being encased by the EP’s identity and reaping the auditory benefits. ‘REMNANTS’ engages listeners from beginning to end and acts as a real testament to Ellis’s artistry. 

Overall, the EP (initially dropped June 24th) is a masterclass in stylistic music that shifts between genres whilst never losing a sense of purpose or identity. Kaelin Ellis brings a musical experience that refuses to hold back, and it shouldn’t. ‘REMNANTS’ should be appreciated in full, as one long track and successfully encourages the sensation of being consumed by music – it’s something all should take part in.

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Words by Ellen Oakley

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