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Eclectic singer-songwriter Alan Dweck returns with his remaster of recent album cut ‘Before’

Mixing elements of Progressive Rock, Alternative Jazz and Desert Rock, with his intuitive nature as an independent singer-songwriter, London-based experimenter Alan Dweck returns with his hotly tipped new remaster of the album cut, ‘Before‘. This is a refreshing revision of the track of the same title previously made available on his outstanding LP, ‘Entangled Moments‘, which he calls his “tribute to some of the great Blues and Soul songs of the past”. The globe-trotting tinkerer, who has divided his time in exotic locations from France to Australia to Hong Kong, brings all of his rich experience into his lyrics, which have continued to move listeners through the years. From being in one of the first Western bands to perform in a post-Berlin Wall Eastern Europe to remastering his own work, his music continues to touch hearts.

Unearthing deeply personal issues in a way that all audiences should find relatable to them, Alan Dweck creates a painstaking but sincere symphony of twangy guitar riffs that evoke the light slacker feel of Mac DeMarco and Trunky Juno, Blues-inspired deeply pitched vocals and introspective bass patterns amongst the slow-moving, gradually evolving soundscape of this varied rework of ‘Before‘. His poignant flow glides across the multi-storied instrumentals with a mature touch of introspection, allowing the listener to form their own images and associations with the work throughout its duration before an ascending guitar solo in the post-bridge brings them to the surface with a delicate Glam-Rock touch. ‘Before‘ lays the groundwork for a full-fledged album being planned for a release later in the year, but, in the meantime, the intricate craft behind the single gives fans more than enough to enjoy.

“Alan Dweck paints visceral imagery through his music. Narrative driven, at times almost theatrical nod to piano-driven cinematic soundscapes and acoustic guitar licks spliced with Progressive, Jazz and Blues. Alan has always pursued a symbiotic combination of the sonic and visual arts”.

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Words by Jacob Braybrooke

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