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Simon Collins gets candid about keeping music and relationships alive in a pandemic.

Simon Collins, son of Genesis star Phil Collins and musician in his own right, gets candid about the challenges of keeping love alive and spirits high in a global pandemic.

Destined to be a rockstar, Simon Collins has been surrounded by Music his entire life. From learning to drum at the tender age of 5, to DJ-ing the Vancouver Rave circuit and finding his own unique sound with various solo projects, Music is a constant in Simon Collins’ life.

Collins’ 2020 Album Becoming Human is possibly his greatest piece of work yet, receiving glowing reports from platforms such as Prog Magazine, Becoming Human re-affirmed the notion that musical talent runs in the Collins family.

Simon Collins shares with us a slightly softer side of himself, as he opens about getting relationships alive , and passions ignited in a world of social distancing and lockdowns.

Like many other unlucky couples, Simon is distanced from long-term partner and fiancée Zeynep.

Unlike normal years, the two have been unable to see each other in person for some time.

“Pre COVID times for us meant being able to travel and spend time with each other either in Turkey or the UK. Now we are limited to Skype and messenger. It can be tough, not knowing when we will see each other again. We miss one another so much!

We speak on Skype every day and stay in touch that way, we also message as well, basically any way to keep in touch!”

Despite the challenge of a distanced relationship the two have many exciting plans laid for the future.

“We have big dreams and plans! We are going to start a band together, So definitely going to buy a house with a nice recording studio…We want to travel and see the world too, that at the moment is certainly just a dream with COVID in the picture.”

Simon Collins is a true grafter, maintaining the momentum of successful solo project whilst simultaneously laying the foundations for a new collaborative sound.

“We have worked together on some of Zeynep’s material and she has an amazing voice and an intuitive gift for melody. I would certainly be collaborating with her on songwriting and producing the project also. I have my own record label so we plan on releasing whatever it is we end up creating!”

It is no easy feat meeting and assimilating with a famous family, luckily partner Zeynep has been a hit with the Collins family!

“My Mother absolutely loves Zeynep and my family is very supportive of us getting married!”

Their secret to a happy relationship?

“Trust, unconditional love, and accepting one another for all of who you are.”

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