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Mati Miro is our next Sound of the Underground artist

Smooth and sultry, R&B songstress Mati Miro is our next Sound of the Underground artist.

We first stubbled upon the talented Mati Miro with her Electro infused, R&B single ‘Heaven’. Packed full with Trap inspired percussion, heavenly vocals and anthemic electro elements we were instantly captivated by Mati Miro.

‘Heaven’ is a curious and intriguing track, oozing atmosphere and intensity Mati Miro well and truly has our attention with this one.

We caught up with the young talent to find out a little more about Mati Miro and her future plans.

First talk to us about how you got started in Music…

“I’ve always loved music. I started playing piano and guitar in school, but making my own music was something that only came about in the first lockdown.

I’m 19 now, and am at uni doing Fine Art at Central Saint Martins but like many others, the pandemic has given me a lot of free time. Singing had previously been more of a personal thing; I was never really one for jumping on a stage for everyone.

My confidence grew when I showed my best friend a short clip of me singing on a whim who immediately said ‘Show your mum, NOW.’. My step dad also approved and generously set up some recording equipment in my room (he used to be an audio engineer) which had me set for the rest of lockdown! My song writing came from writing poetry which I have also always done just for myself. I guess I combined the two and here we are.”

Where do you find inspiration for your sound?

“I like talking about people, my own stories and how they coincide with the stories of others. I tend to get feelings out by writing a song in the moment, channelling those feelings and just freely writing them down. That gives me the vocabulary to work with, and I just refine it into my melodies.

I like listening to lots of different genres because I never want to be confined to one type of sound, so I think it’s important to not be afraid to listen to things that stray from the ‘norm’. You don’t have to just listen to the same stuff as your friends! I love female R&B voices like Erykah Badu and I equally love Bon Iver’s folk sounds.”

“I wrote ‘Heaven’ to a beat produced by Nick French. The lyrics say exactly what I was thinking there and then; it was almost an internal dialogue with myself.

I found that in making this song I was able to get a lot out, bring it together cohesively, and then say it again in a way that made sense to me which was a surprisingly huge release. The most exciting part is that it may then resonate with other people.”

Mati Miro on the inspiration behind track ‘Heaven’
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What’s next for you and your music?

“‘Heaven’ was my first go at really putting a song together, and my songwriting has evolved so much already in the process. It’s definitely helped me become more vulnerable in my new songs, which I hope to be releasing in the near future. I am working on putting together an EP at the moment which I’m hoping will showcase more of a crossover of genres. I have also been working with some new and exciting people to help me deliver this vision. So yes, new music definitely on the way!”

It’s hard to believe music of such quality comes from the young Mati Miro.

Still a teenager, Mati’s sound is packed full of true vocal prowess and an effortless ability to flutter between genres.

Young talents like Mati Miro have us truly excited for the future of UK R&B, we can’t wait to see what she brings us next.

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

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