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Stefan Elefteriu’s latest album ‘Quantum Gates’ will take you on a journey through time and space

Eclectic and other-worldly, Stefan Elefteriu’s new album Quantum Gates is an sci-fi masterpiece.

Quantum Gates is an cumulation of Stefan’s musical journey, from building his very own synths in a communist Romania, to landing a spot as composer for a Sci-Fi film, Stefan has a wealth of creative and musical experience that is truly out of the this world.

This latest album demonstrates Stefan’s immense skill as a classical composer, keyboardist, violinist as well as his ability to tell an engaging and eccentric story.

Stefan Elefteriu experienced an upbringing like no other, living in a communist state where western music was deemed ‘subversive’ and eventually banned.

Stefan’s interest in western sounds, particularly Rock, remained unshakeable as he bought vinyl and tape on the black market. Risking his safety to listen to the sound he so desired.

Stefan’s passion for music was steadfast, as his love of rock, electronic and classical music prevailed and fuelled a desire to bring his own musical vision to life.

It was this determination that saw Stefan building synthesisers and electric violins, employing his passion for music with his technical ability to create a sound that immerses listeners in a world of symphonic exploration.

Quantum Gates is an extraordinary collection of incredible tracks, each designed to take the listener to a soundscape from a parallel universe. Stefan’s technical and musical prowess has earned him comparisons to the likes of Vangelis; Pink Floyd; Enigma and Kraftwerk.

A musical passion that has defied laws, norms and rule, Stefan’s music is infused with his understanding and life-time love of sound.

An experience you won’t find elsewhere, Quantum Gates is a must-listen.

Stream Quantum Gates HERE and see for yourself


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Written By: Jessica Rowe

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