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Four Crooks bring us a grooving Indie-Rock EP ‘Black Magic’ and you’ll never guess where it was recorded…

Trail-blazing Indie rockers Four Crooks have brought us a stunning EP. Titled Black Magic, the three-track project oozes indie goodness. Consisting of well-rounded, effectively produced tracks, the record demonstrates both the group’s musical and instrumental prowess.

Yet, the way Four Crooks recorded such a great EP is unconventional to say the least.

Black Magic was recorded in a remote farmhouse. That’s right, Telford-based Four Crooks escaped to some remote farmland to write and record this banger of an EP.

Taking lockdown as a cue to go make some musical magic, it’s no surprise the EP feels like a concentrated and authentic dose of Four Crooks. Overall Black Magic is a raw and gritty project from the four-piece that gives the listener an original, catchy set of tracks.

Four Crooks is made up of Dave Morris (vocals/guitar); Eamonn Russell (guitar); Toby Barnett (bass) and Dan Quinton-Jones (drums).

These working class guys bring Indie Rock back to what it should be – authentic, raw and full of musical talent that truly know how to work their instruments.

Black Magic touches on a range of topics from mental health to relationship battles; the trio of tracks are an honest and gritty insight into the world of Four Crooks.

Lead track, titled the same as the EP, tackles the addictive qualities of women and substances of all kinds – serving as both a warning and a celebration. ‘Feel Alright’ is a song of redemption, while the third and final addition ‘Paranoia’ is a driving, heavy track looking to the dangerous feelings of anxiety and doubt.

One thing is for sure, Black Magic has something for every listener.

Four Crooks are ready to take the UK scene by storm… roll on the thunder of Indie Rock.

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Written By: Jessica Rowe

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